Your Kids Can Build Their Own Yellow Submarine With The Beatles Magna-Tiles

All you need is love. And a magnetic field.

There is something kind of hypnotic about Magna-Tiles, am I right? Clicking those little plastic squares together is just inherently pleasing. It’s enjoyable for almost every human — from toddlers, to the most senior among us. Almost everyone loves Magna-Tiles. And you know what else almost everyone loves? John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Which is why this new Magna-Tiles Beatles Collection is a pretty genius collaboration.

These mop-top inspired blocks come from the minds of the very clever folks over at CreateOn. These guys have come up with loads of other cool Magna Tiles ideas, including tiles with your personal photos printed on them, Sesame Street tiles, and so much more. This latest tile iteration is a rocking tribute to one the world’s most beloved set of rockers.

The plastic tiles are printed with classic images and album covers, turning the pieces into a sort of 3-D puzzle that can be configured in multiple ways. You can build a yellow submarine, or the Magical Mystery bus. You can make the Abbey Road crosswalk, or the famous drum from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band. And that isn’t all! There are multiple Fab Four inspired magnetic structures.

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Slated to be released on May 28, these are currently available for pre-order, straight from the CreateOn site, or from Amazon. They’re priced at $134.99, which I realize might seem steep for a box of blocks. But as a mom, I can honestly say that our Magna-Tiles are one of the most evergreen toys we own. While most of my son’s other playthings are donated or passed on after a year or so, we consistently play with his Magna-Tiles. Over the years his blocks been housing for rubber bugs, space ships for Minecraft figurines, and most recently, skyscrapers to be knocked down by MechaGodzilla.

This is obviously is a great gift for any Beatles fan, and could be a fun way to create some new little Beatles fans. Families can get a box of these babies, pop on “Here Comes the Sun,” then gather ‘round for an evening of nostalgia and amazing music. And possibly lots of bad Dad jokes. (Brace yourself for puns on the blocks being able to “Carry That Weight.”)