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11 Thoughtful, Lovely Gifts For Your Mom

These let her know you really care.

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When I think of how much my own mother has done for me, I know there's no way I could ever really thank her, and no gift that could ever really express my gratitude. But it's still fun to try and find that perfect present, because putting a smile on her face is always worth it. So if you're looking for thoughtful gifts for moms, because you know that she deserves something special more than anyone else, rest assured that there are tons of amazing presents out there.

Of course, pretty much any mom will tell you that the best gift ever is simply spending time with her family, especially around the holidays. But a thoughtful gift that lets her know she's appreciated certainly won't hurt. Whether you go with something practical, sentimental, or even luxurious, she'll feel special just knowing that you bought it with love — especially if it's delivered with a really nice card, and maybe a bottle or two of her favorite wine or box of chocolates. (I say this as a mom who would love to receive both wine and chocolate this holiday season.) You don't have to rely on your kid's pasta necklace for her either. There are plenty of gifts that really let your mom know you're thinking of her that are also practical and beautiful. (But she would totally love a pasta necklace, too.)

Here are 11 gifts any mom would love to unwrap this year.


Personalized Ornament

This ornament is so beautifully detailed, and the two-sided design ensures that it looks wonderful at every angle. It can be personalized with multiple variations, too, so it will fit your mother perfectly.


Open Heart Bracelet

This is one of those “big” moment holiday gifts. Say you got the job she’s been helping you your whole life to get. Or maybe you’re having your first baby — her first grandchild. This is also an opportunity for the rest of the family to buy her charms that are meaningful to her. The classic Elsa Peretti open heart bracelet is something she’ll cherish forever, and likely pass down to your daughter one day.


Personalized Family Memoir

For this gift you have a few options. First, you can use it to have your mother tell her story, or you can write about your times with your mother. Also, you could share this with your family, and have them all share stories. StoryWorth emails you prompts, and you write back. They bind them all with your photos in a beautiful book.


Virtual Wine Tasting

OK, this is more of an “us” gift. But as stated earlier, isn’t time with your children really the best gift? You know how you can make that even better? A virtual wine and cheese tasting. You don’t even need to wear pants. You just need your face and your phone for FaceTime.


Birthstone Ring

This ring is stunning. It could be for children, for grandchildren -- whatever. It’s also really well-priced for what you’re getting. I’m not saying that my husband should consider this for me, but in case he forgot, I’m a size 7 in rings.


Keepsake Bracelet

Turn a piece of writing into the coolest bracelet I've ever seen. Use your own writing, your grandparents', your mom's spouse's — someone important to her that once wrote "I love you" in a card or "you can do it" in a note. So meaningful.


Sound Wave Necklace

This is such a sweet idea. You send Erica a video or audio clip, she converts it to a sound wave, and then engraves it on a necklace. Whatever you want. Something that’s personal to the two of you, or maybe your child saying “I love you.” I love it.


Custom Watercolor Portrait

This is a simple design, but would mean the world to any mother. A custom watercolor commission from a brilliant artist. It’s so lovely. Who wouldn’t want their family hanging on the wall in a custom piece of artwork? Especially if it's a specific moment.


Love Letter Blanket

Admittedly, this is cheesy, but you know you secretly love it. This is especially good for moms who live far from their kids or grandkids. Something she can wrap around herself, knowing how much her kids love her. Yes, she’ll likely either show it to everyone who knocks on her door, or hide it when company comes, but she’ll love it all the same.


Reel Viewer

The trick with this one is that you have to fill it up before giving it to her. If you’re giving it to your mom, it would be nice if you added pics of all her kids and grandkids, but no one is saying that’s mandatory. It could just be all different pictures of you from your jazz band years.


Beautiful Bird Feeder

I don’t know what happens to people when they become moms, but we all eventually become bird stans. Maybe it’s all the “look at that birdie,” talk we have with our kids? Either way, this is a stunning bird feeder that I guarantee all moms would love to hang outside. (And you also know that every mom has a favorite bird that becomes “their bird.” It’s just a fact.)

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