These TikTok Accounts Are Too Funny If You Grew Up In The '90s

Soak up the nostalgia.

The ‘90s. What a time they were to be alive, am I right? Now that you’re an adult life is so complicated but, thankfully, if you need a break from reality, there are plenty of hilarious TikTok accounts to follow if you grew up in the ‘90s. There’s nothing that can take the sting out of a long, hard day as a grown-up like a few 60-second videos that transport you back to your childhood.

When I think back to the ‘90s, my mind is filled with memories of flannel shirts, Blockbuster runs, Book It at Pizza Hut, and listening to Mariah Carey on tape cassette. Not to sound like an old lady or anything, but it was a simpler time — though, in hindsight, I cannot believe my mom and dad let me just ride my bike for hours on end without having any clue where I was. I look back on that decade with fondness, and I love that I’m able to revisit it through so many hilarious ‘90s nostalgia TikTok accounts.

So, if you’re over there, exhausted from another day of having to be an adult and do all of the things that adults do, grab your earbuds, get cozy, and enjoy browsing through these incredible TikTok accounts.


For a healthy mix of nostalgia & parenthood

If you’re a parent, you may have come across a @csapunch already, because her Encanto reaction video went super viral. But, while she does have some fantastic parenting content, some of her best posts honor the 90s, like this one comparing songs about women in the 90s vs. now and this one that makes everyone who loves hip hop and emo music feel seen.


For poking fun at your childhood

I am a very, very casual TikTok user, but @alexbegs has come up on my For You page more than once, and for good reason. This is definitely one hilarious TikTok account to follow if you grew up in the 90s because he has videos that celebrate Millenials and Gen Xers as well as a bunch that are perfect reenactments of our parents back in the 90s (see this one for the 90s dad and this one for the 90s mom).


For the awkward years

Look, at some point in our childhood, we were all @kristinlopopolo trying to do Jacob’s Ladder before bed. You’ll find all kinds of funny videos from her that will bring you right back to your awkward years full of Beanie Babies and butterfly clips.


For a hilariously accurate look at us as adults

Somehow, @rod has the kind of content that makes you laugh-cry. You know, like we’re just laughing away the pain. He perfectly depicts how so many of us 90s kids grew up to be anxious workers and pokes fun at what it was like to be raised by the Boomer generation.


For fashion & style

Anyone who shopped at DEB and got clubbing outfit ideas from Snooki should start following @fancypatz707 immediately. She posts some hilarious 90s throwback videos, like this one that even features a Furby, as well as tons of funny videos that poke fun at the ridiculous clothes we wore in the early 00s (looking at you, 2004).


For the ‘90s music lover

While @nachovillasantaria creates her content for Gen X, old millennials will appreciate it just as much. She posts all kinds of videos, but some of her best feature some of the most iconic music from the 90s like these “trigger sounds”.


For some fatherhood & ‘90s fun

You can expect to find a bunch of funny videos about fatherhood if you follow @fernandez_fam, but you’ll also discover some hilarious nostalgia videos, too. In this one, he reenacts the struggles we all went through to try to learn the words to our favorite songs, and in this one, he shows his hysterical transition from a 90s kid to a 2022 adult.


For calling ourselves out

Half the fun of these TikTok accounts is remembering the 90s, and the other half is laughing at how dumb we were back then, and @jennaabarclay makes the perfect content for doing just that. She nails the nerdy girl turned prom queen 90s movie (spoiler: she was pretty all along), and she reminds us all of the “hot girl stores” of 2000.


For ‘90s nostalgia and mom life

If you’re a parent, you’ll love @growingupgreco for her many hilarious parenting videos like this one where she calls herself (*cough* all of us) out on her theoretical toddler parenting styles—pre-kids—and how it actually turned out. But, sprinkled in with all of the funny mom posts are some hilarious 90s nostalgia videos. My personal favorite is this truth bomb about “the bowl” that was used for both popcorn... and puke (if you didn’t have one of these, then hold your head high and move along).


For a good laugh on memory lane

Basically, every single post by @patricksretroroom is full of nostalgia, and I have a personal fondness for this one where he calls us all out on our love of all things Tommy in the 90s. That’s only scratching the surface, though, because he has tons of other great content that pays tribute to things like how we had to rig up our car stereos to play CDs, those 3D posters we all crossed our eyes trying to see, and the glory that was Pizza Hut dining in the 90s.


For embarrassingly relatable content

Another fantastic and hilarious TikTok account to follow if you grew up in the 90s is @morganbartel. It’s filled with video after video of nostalgia, like this one about the horrible beauty trends we all took part in (including that heart sticker we all put on our hip in the tanning bed), the iconic square pizza school lunch, and a highlight reel of all of the best 90s snacks. She also includes some of her own vintage family videos, like her 1992 Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.

The best way to escape adulthood for a little while is by finding some hilarious TikTok accounts to follow if you grew up in the ‘90s. Let yourself get lost in the feed and find humor in the things you once loved — but don’t get too lost, because you still need to go to bed at a reasonable hour since you have to get up and go to work in the morning.