Black Friday

TJ Maxx will be closed Thanksgiving Day, but open at 7 a.m. on Black Friday.
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TJ Maxx Black Friday Hours Are Perfect For Those With Late Thanksgiving Dinners

Make a plan ahead of time.

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If you're someone who refuses to set foot inside a store on Thanksgiving Day, I hear you. There are still several retail giants keeping their doors closed on Turkey Day, like TJ Maxx and its Black Friday 2021 hours.

What Time Does TJ Maxx Open On Black Friday 2021?

After being closed on Thursday, TJ Maxx will open its doors at 7 a.m. Nov. 27, according to

I have long been a TJ Maxx shopper, and the discount retailer serves as an excellent example that you really do not need to spend full price on anything anymore. I have to thank my mom for instilling this mantra in me. I have very happy memories of us spending hours going through the racks at TJ Maxx, happily piling up our deals (including my junior prom dress, a little black number that I can assure you was marked down considerably). But this time of year, it's a peak shopping destination for Christmas decor, gifts for friends, and outfits to get you through the end of 2021 with a little pizazz.

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And while just about every store out there will be offering some kind of discount on Black Friday, you should be smart about your Black Friday shopping, according to the Chicago Tribune. The article suggests setting a budget, researching deals ahead of time, and if you'll be out driving, mapping out your drive ahead of time by picking stores that are nearby each other, thus avoiding traffic headaches. For a TJ Maxx store near you, check out their store location finder, and make sure to have an extra slice of pie during that shopping-free time on Thursday.

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