the top-rated humidifiers on Amazon will help you keep your baby hydrated
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The Best Rated Humidifiers On Amazon At Every Price Point

Tackle seasonal allergies and colds.

by Kelly Mullen-McWilliams
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A great humidifier is a parent's best friend, cutting down on colds (and the number of times you need to use a Nose Frida) and keeping babies, kids, and toddlers hydrated throughout long, dry days. To help you breathe easier, Romper has gathered some of the top-rated humidifiers Amazon has to offer at every price point. Purchasing a humidifier is the kind of simple life hack you'll never regret. You might even wonder why you never thought of it before. However, like other crucial appliances, humidifiers run the gamut from super cheap to wait, how much?

The expert

Dr. Marietta Vázquez, M.D., a professor of pediatrics at the Yale Institute for Global Health, previously spoke to Romper about how to choose the right humidifier for your baby’s space.

What to consider before shopping

How can a humidifier help your baby? Essentially, humidifiers add moisture to dry air and that moisture eases coughs and respiratory symptoms. “Cool-steam humidifiers are good for infants and young children, especially during the winter months when the air is dry,” Vázquez explained.

As a worried new mom, when I asked my pediatrician if the new baby would react to my old cat, she told me to get a humidifier (and then to stop worrying). Humidifiers cut down on a lot of airborne allergens, including pet dander and dust, and just generally help when you have a baby with the sniffles. “When babies have the common cold, it may help alleviate congestion," Vázquez said. And if you’re wondering if you need a warm or cold-air humidifier, Vázquez recommends avoiding warm-steam models, since they are more prone to contamination by mold and fungi. Plus, there's no scalding hot water involved.

If you're looking for one for your home, here are some of the top-rated humidifiers on Amazon at every price point.

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Best humidifier under $20

For the budget-conscious, this cute little model is also a color-changing night light that would be great for smaller nurseries. You don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off, as it automatically shuts off when the water runs out, and it has three working modes: Intermittent Mist (30 seconds on/30 seconds off), Continuous Mist, and Lights Only.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Budget-friendly

Cons: Mist doesn’t last as long as other models


“When I checked the mail yesterday all that was waiting was a small box. I had no idea this humidifier was so tiny! I thought "there is NO WAY that this thing will produce continuous mist for 9 or more hours" especially after my two days with the Sunbeam. So I plugged it in and BOOM! Small and compact yes but mist you can actually see, cool to the touch and yes: it lasts for 9 hours on a ridiculously small amount of water. Well played InnoGear.”


Best humidifier under $25

This humidifier is an amazing portable option. The lightweight, compact, slim design makes it the perfect choice for any environment, including a baby’s room. Plus, this quiet mini humidifier doesn’t compromise any safety features either — it also comes with an auto-shutoff.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Simple design

Cons: Small size, so not as strong as other models


“This is a very simple, beautiful humidifier. I love that this doesn’t scream humidifier like so many other options do. It’s very easy to use with just the simple push of a button. Cleaning is fast and easy too.”


Best humidifier under $27

With 14 different colors and 15 different lighting modes, this aroma diffuser and multiple mist nebulizer is quite the multitasker, considering the price tag. You can adjust the spray intensity and the mist time duration. And it's also super easy to clean and shuts off automatically.

Pros & Cons

Pros: up to 10-hour run time, time control features

Cons: color options may not be for everyone


“Love this diffuser. It has a cycle through a range of colors with the first click of the light button or you can select a solid color with each click of the button from bright to medium to soft from the available color selection. Very pretty colors... The best thing I like about this diffuser is the length of running time. It can go from 1 hour - 3 hours or constant.”


Best humidifier under $30

Designed for living spaces up to 175 square feet, this is perfect for bedside tables or nightstands, and it's incredibly quiet, according to reviews. The moisture output can be adjusted for up to 10 hours of cool mist on low or seven hours on high. It also comes with an optional night light for a soothing glow and an automatic shut-off feature.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Quiet

Cons: Designed only for small rooms


“I purchased this humidifier for my son's small room. We have had a few humidifiers before this one, and this one is my favorite. What I love the most about this one is how easy it is to clean. It uses the water up in one night. I simply let it air dry during the day and fill it up again at bedtime.”


Best humidifier under $40

With over 62,000 reviews, this humidifier from AquaOasis is a great middle of the market option. It’s designed with a super simple control dial and 360 degrees rotating nozzle so that you can fully control and customize the mist output and mist flow direction. Not to mention, it comes with an automatic shut-off feature.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Quiet

Cons: Can be tricky to use


“At last I can actually BREATHE (literally!!) a HUGE sigh of relief! We simply couldn’t be more delighted with this Humidifier!”


Best humidifier under $65

The GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier is a serious piece of technology with excellent reviews. A two-in-one humidifier and diffuser, it maintains a healthy humidity level automatically with a built-in intelligent sensor, along with manually adjustable settings. Plus, it’s an ideal option for a baby nursery, as it’s designed to safely shut down automatically if there’s no water in the tank.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Built-in “smart” intelligence censor to adapt to humidity levels in a room

Cons: Higher price point


“We got this humidifier for our home and love it. At the moment we are using it for our room but are thinking we will need one for our living room. My favorite thing about it is the essential oil outlet. You can drop a few drops of the essential oil on the bottom of it (not in the water) and it comes out the top. So far it has made the room smell so good!”


Best humidifier under $75

Have your hands full with a newborn? This model allows you to connect your humidifier to third-party voice assistants or an app for hands-free remote control. Apart from that asset, it features humidification up to four times faster than other brands, a large tank, and up to 60 hours of operation.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Includes hands-free remote control and voice assist

Cons: Higher price point


“This humidifier is quite simply the best I've tried. This winter, I've ordered and returned about 10 different ultrasonic (filter-less) humidifiers, ranging from Vicks to Taotronics, to other off name brands I've never heard of but they had good reviews on Amazon. I've finally found this humidifier which meets all my needs. I must have a unit that is quiet when it comes to sounds, has a good mist output, fills from the top of the tank, and is easy to clean. This Levoit exceeds all.”

Whether you’re looking for spring allergy relief or something soothing to have at home during the summer months, these humidifiers will do the trick. Your child (plus the adults at home) should be feeling better soon.

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