Melania Trump's last Christmas at the White House has Twitter reminiscing.

Twitter Is Roasting Melania Trump Smiling With The White House Christmas Tree

Wait... didn't she say she didn't give a "f**k" about Christmas?

The holidays have arrived and here to celebrate are tweets about Melania Trump's White House Christmas tree. The internet truly never forgets, especially when the First Lady is caught on tape complaining about having to decorate for Christmas and then, just over a month later, stands grinning in front of a big tree as she gets ready to decorate the White House for the holidays for the last time. The irony was simply too good to pass up.

Melania Trump oversaw the arrival of the White House Christmas tree on Monday, an 18.5 foot tall Fraser fir beauty delivered by a horse drawn carriage from West Virginia to signify the start of decorating of the White House to honor Christmas. In keeping with the tradition first started in 1800 by President John Adams and First Lady Abigail Adams, Trump will oversee the decorating of the grand Christmas tree which will be the centerpiece for her Christmas-themed extravaganza at the White House. Her final one before President-elect Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden move in to the White House in January.

The First Lady tweeted that she was "excited" to welcome the Christmas tree... but Twitter isn't sure that's completely true.

Some are thinking Trump is breathing a heavy sigh of relief at the end of her Christmas decorating, particularly after her former adviser and friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff recorded a 2018 phone conversation with the First Lady where she clearly can be heard saying, as per CNN, "I’m working like a, my a** off at Christmas stuff. You know, who gives a f**k about Christmas stuff and decoration but I need to do it, right?”

Social media users took to Twitter after the arrival of the 2020 holiday season at the White House to remind the First Lady that she apparently doesn't give a f**k about Christmas. Fortunately, this is the last f**k she'll have to give.

Melania Trump is getting roasted over White House Christmas tree.

One social media user decided to do a little dubbing over the President and First Lady's Christmas message to "kick off the festive season."

This will be Melania Trump's last Christmas at the White House.

Another social media user noted that this year's Christmas decorations "will be a moving van."

No one is is forgetting Melania Trump's Christmas comments.

This Twitter user actually gave the gorgeous Christmas tree a name Trump might recognize.

Melania Trump's Christmas tree is fooling no one.

Another social media user went for a horror theme and wrote that the "war on Christmas is coming from inside the house."

Melania Trump does not love Christmas.

Still another imagined what the Christmas tree might look like if she was left to her own devices. After all, the First Lady's Christmas decorations in the past have not always inspired warm and fuzzy feelings, as one social media user wrote when they remembered her red-themed "blood bath Christmas" from 2018.

Melania Trump's Christmas decor has not always been a hit.

While Twitter was really roasting Melania Trump's chestnuts over her apparent distaste for Christmas, some were entertaining themselves with the thought of her reaction to seeing the final Christmas tree. They figured she probably wasn't too excited about it.

Melania Trump might not have been super pumped to see another Christmas tree delivered.

Melania Trump's last Christmas in the White House is cause for celebration. For her, for the millions of voters who chose President-elect Joe Biden, and for Christmas lovers everywhere.