Valentine's Day

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These Valentine's Day Games For Kids Will Entertain The Whole Family

Cupid-approved games everyone will love.

Valentine’s Day is one of the few holidays that doesn’t have one specific tradition associated with it. But precisely because there’s no Feb. 14 equivalent of trick-or-treating or fireworks, you get to decide how to celebrate, and these Valentine’s Day games for kids and families are a great way to make memories.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Monday which is a little bit of a bummer. Restaurants are more likely to be closed, and that Monday energy isn’t necessarily conducive to celebrating. But you don’t need a fancy dinner to show your loved ones that you care; it can be easy as ordering pizza and planning a fun activity followed by a special movie. Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party for your kid and looking for fun games to keep the kids occupied or you just want something fun for them to do at home that isn’t gorging on candy hearts, these Valentine’s Day games for kids will be a hit (they’re also a savior if you’re a teacher looking for special Cupid-approved activities).

From a fun Disney spin on “Name That Tune” to a treasure hunt or a ring toss game you’ll have fun making, these games are easy to play and fun for all ages (because you’re never too old to pin the tail on donkey, or the arrow on Cupid).

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1. Pin The Arrow On Cupid

Give this classic party game a fun Valentine’s Day twist by swapping out the donkey for Cupid. You may need a bit of artistic ability to draw the little cherub, or you can also print a picture check out one of the tutorials on how to draw Cupid on YouTube. Then make some arrows or hearts, cover the kids’ eyes and give them a spin (even better if the blindfold has hearts on it) and let the fun begin.

2. Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Kids love treasure hunts (honestly adults do too), plus it’ll keep them moving but occupied for a chunk of time. The idea is that you hide a prize at the end like candy or a Valentine’s Day gift, and each clue takes you to a new locations where another clue awaits until you find the prize. You could make your own, but it’s even easier to print out these clues from Etsy which are generic enough to work for any household.

3. Build A Conversation Heart Tower

Sure pastel conversation hearts are cute, but I’m firmly in the “they taste like chalk” camp. Instead of eating those little hearts, have a competition to see who can stack them the highest without the tower toppling. Winner gets a Valentine’s Day treat.

4. Valentine’s Day Ring Toss

This Valentine’s Day ring toss game from Handmade Charlotte is the cutest way to reuse old bottles while having a blast. Paint the bottles in pretty hues of pinks and red (chalk paint works well for this) and the heart-shaped ring can be made from bent pipe cleaners. If you’re using cans or plastic bottles this could also double as Valentine’s Day bowling.

5. Heart Hunt

Finding something hidden is so satisfying which is exactly why Easter egg hunts are such a hit. Turn the classic egg hunt into a Valentine’s Day game for kids by hiding heart shapes (or even red eggs) with little treats inside.

6. Valentine’s Day Bingo

Who can resist a smiling taco and a strawberry with heart-shaped sunglasses? This bingo game can be played with up to 16 players (so it’s good for a classroom) and it comes with heart-shaped markers to cross off the spaces as they’re called. Plus, because the card is just a 4 x 4 square, the game goes pretty fast.

7. Disney Name That Tune

This one is simple but fun (and if you have an adult passenger who can work this music you could even play it in the car). Put together a playlist of Disney love songs — there are a ton but “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” from Lion King or “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan come to mind. Then play just the first few bars and see if your kids can identify the song and what movie it comes from.

8. Valentine’s Day Skeeball

If you’re crafty, take a cue from Handmade Charlotte and make this fun skeeball Valentine’s Day game for kids. Ping pong balls will save your floors, and this can be created almost entirely from paper and paper towel rolls.

9. Cupid Says

Yep, this game functions exactly the same as Simon Says, it just gets a festive name. Bonus point if you bring a pretend bow and arrow for whoever is playing Cupid to hold as they call out instructions.

10. Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

Mad Libs always get the giggles going and this Valentine’s Day free printable is worth the ink. They’re fun for a classroom of kids or just for you and your kid to do together.

These Valentine’s Day games will turn a Monday holiday into a full-blown celebration; plus they’re all screen-free activities the whole family will actually enjoy.