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This Is What New Moms Really Want This Valentine's Day

It goes way beyond chocolates (but those are good, too).

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February 14 is a day to embrace all things love, and it’s a great time to show the new mom in your life that you’re thinking of her. Unlike Christmas, a Valentine’s Day gift often comes as a total surprise, which makes it all the sweeter. Yes, postpartum she probably really wants a full night sleep, a clean house, and a long shower, but the Valentine’s Day gifts for new moms on this list will help make those early days of parenthood, when she’s trying to balance her own recovery with caring for her baby, just a bit smoother.

One of the ideas I’ve really started to embrace is that the best gifts are often elevated versions of something she already has. Sure, everyone has sweatpants, but does your wife, partner, friend, or sister have buttery soft joggers that won’t leave an imprint in her stomach? She may have slippers, a bath soak, or a throw blanket, but they’re probably not as luxe as the self-care essentials on this list.

She’ll be inundated with gifts for the baby, but this Valentine’s Day makes it all about mom. Whether it’s classic chocolate, a candle that smells like the sea (so it doubles as a mini vacation), or a flower delivery service, the gifts on this list will make her body, her shower, and her home feel a little cozier and a little more indulgent, which is great because she’ll be spending a lot of time in these three places.


A sherpa robe

Channel a very chic teddy bear with this sherpa robe from Monica + Andy which can definitely be worn outside for a quick stroll or to check the mail. It’s actually cute (and warm) enough to even wear as a coat. I didn’t fully appreciate the joy of a robe until I was breastfeeding and pumping around the clock and I needed a wearable blanket . She can breastfeed her baby and tuck their body inside the soft fleece material so everyone stays cozy and warm but still gets skin-to-skin. Plus the cream color is ideal for hiding spit-up


A classic crew neck

Like the celeb-loved flip flops TKEES is best known for, this classic crew neck sweatshirt comes in a wide variety of tan shades, plus classic colors like navy, gray, or cream. The relaxed fit is cozy and warm and can be worn for lounging around the house or paired with jeans and maybe a French tuck if she’s feeling it for going out. Be sure to check out the size guide before buying this as the largest size six correlates to a typical 16-18.


Luxe shampoo

While a gift to the spa or hair salon may be well-intentioned, what new moms could really use are products that make her home shower feel a little more special. In those early days, showers are something holy: They’re a place where she can cry, get clean, not hear the baby cry (though she’ll definitely still hear phantom cries.) This shampoo from Ouai not only smells amazing, but the detox formula removes build-up from the scalp so hair looks cleaner for longer, which is good news for someone who may be stretching out the time between showers.


A case of sparkling waters

Move over La Croix (but not too far over, we still like you) because Sanzo is making seltzer even more exciting. New moms are always thirsty thanks to hormonal changes, and this variety pack of Sanzo sparkling water is way more fun that tap water. They’ll get to try each of these South Asian inspired flavors: lychee, calamansi (sort of a lime-meets-tangerine), mango, and yuzu.


A robot vacuum

I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through my own postpartum period without my robot vacuum, especially as someone with a black dog and light wood floors. The new mom in your life and her partner probably won’t have a ton of time or energy to clean any time soon which is why a robot vacuum is so key: you don’t have to ask someone who comes to see the baby to vacuum the floors, which may feel weird, and you don’t have to pay a house cleaning service.

This robot vacuum from Neato Robotics captures fine dust and as much 99.97% of allergens which she’ll appreciate whether she has a brand new baby or a little crawler who’s into everything. The price shown is for the D9, their middle option which can clean up to 1600 square feet on a single charge, with 200 minutes of runtime.


Fourth trimester support cards

These fourth trimester cards are like a support system in a box. These are small enough to hold in one hand while she’s nursing or rocking her baby. The cards which offer everything from healing recipes, to ideas for meditating while breastfeeding, or simple exercises designed to help new moms let go of perfection or embrace change. Written by birth doula Kimberly Ann Johnson, there is no shortage of compassion, wisdom, and practical ideas for those first 40 days and beyond.


A hydrating lip balm

Winter is rough on the lips to begin with, then add in hormonal changes and dryness associated with breastfeeding and her mouth will be parched and flaky in no time. This lip treatment from Fleur & Bee is one of the few things that actually helped heal my dry lips postpartum. The vegan, cruelty-free product is made of a base of castor seed and coconut oils for a luxe texture that absorbs into the lips (it works best if lips are slightly damp to begin with). It’s also packaged in glass which means one less little plastic thing in the house.


Initial necklace

Receiving a piece of jewelry with her baby’s first initial seems like a rite of passage for most new moms. This initial tag necklace from Ten Wilde looks elevated without breaking the bank, and it’s available in two lengths (18 or 20 inch). If she’s more into astrology (or she already has an initial piece), there are also cute zodiac necklaces available.


An e-book subscription

Any mom can typically rattle off a list of TV shows they watched on maternity leave, but sometimes shows get old or too loud in the middle of the night. Even soft cover books are difficult to hold while feeding a baby, so a an e-book subscription will be a hit for the mom who loves to read. The price shown is for six months of Scribd, a subscription platform that connects users instantly with millions of ebooks, audio books, magazines, and podcasts. They won’t need to wait for books (as is often the case with ebook library rentals) and best of all, they don’t need a special reading device, just a smartphone, tablet, or any web browser (though if they already have a Kindle they can read Scribd books there as well).


A soft nursing bra

As a new mom myself, this was my absolute favorite nursing bra (to the point where I’d do laundry just to have it ready for the next day). The non-toxic fabric is soft and stretchy and feels kind of like your best worn in T-shirt. The thick band around the ribs is supportive while still being comfy, and the bra comes in a bunch of colors. If you’re looking for a luxe yet useful item she may not buy herself, The Everything Bra from Bodily is it.


Cozy joggers

With their buttery soft material that still manages to be supportive, these joggers from Athleta will become an everyday favorite. Whether she’s on the couch, attempting to do 10 minutes of online yoga while the baby sleeps (heavy on the savasana), or running errands, these will be the go-to. In addition to basic black and navy, these come in a fun rotating cast of seasonal colors (and older colors often go on sale).


Lactation brownies

Sure chocolate is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but this treat is actually as helpful as it is tasty. Milky Mama chocolate brownies are chock-full of ingredients like Brewer’s yeast and flax that promote milk production. Plus they are genuinely delicious; my husband was downing these before he realized what they were (and no, he did not lactate). They’re individually wrapped too which makes the perfect for taking on-the-go or throwing in the diaper bag for those postpartum hunger attacks.


Flower delivery service

Instead of classic Valentine’s Day roses, try a gift that keeps on giving: this flower delivery service. One of the cool things about a Bouqs subscription is that it’s super customizable: you pay by the stem (10-16 stems is $44) and you can decide how often you want delivery. The recipient can also choose to send their bouquet to someone else instead, a godsend for new moms who forgot a friend’s or in-laws birthday. Parents of new babies are home a lot (just really so much and fresh flowers is an easy way to warm up the house. Just note that these ship straight from the farm and often require some cutting and arranging which is fun and creative but may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


A baby bunting that makes getting out of the house so much easier.

Okay fine, this 7AM Enfant Nido Cloud seems like a gift for the baby, but really it’s a gift to new parents who don’t want to wrangle their fragile new babies into tons of layers. This is something I own and use daily, and anyone with a winter baby who lives somewhere even a little chilly will appreciate it. There is a circular piece of fabric in the back that you can velcro on and off; when it’s off, it creates a hole where car seat straps pop through, so you’re never buckling over bulky fabric. Instead, the straps lay flat against the baby, but they’re snuggled up and warm. Just tell her to be prepared for adults to stop her every time she goes out to jokingly ask if thus comes in adult sizes.


A CBD bath soak

As the name of this CBD bath soak from Homebody suggests, she’s probably a bit of a homebody at the moment, and this floral smelling soak will take her bath to the next level, and it’ll become the answer to the question, “what do I do in my thirty minutes of free time?”

Valerian root and magnesium help the body relax (and may make mom sleep a little more soundly in the windows she does get to doze), rosemary and rose oil smell earthy and lightly sweet, and biodegradable glitter just makes the whole experience a little more fun. She may be advised against taking CBD if she’s breastfeeding, but soaking in it is NBD, plus this will help relieve menstrual cramps when her period comes back.


A scented candle

New moms may not have the time or desire to clean, but lighting a candle (and maybe letting the robot vacuum do its thing) can go a long way in making the house feel calm and tidy. This luxe candle from Salt & Stone has hints of spicy saffron, honeyed neroli, surf wax, oakmoss ,and cedarwood; basically it smells like the forest meets the sea, which is great because she probably won’t be doing much traveling outside of a five mile radius.

There’s also the option to buy a candle trio for the mom who really loves her scents.


A heated throw blanket

You can’t go wrong with a heated throw blanket for making early morning nursing sessions or a much-needed nap a little cozier. A full night sleep may be a distant memory for every new mom, but this chic throw made of faux fur and fleece sherpa will make resting and nursing feel more decadent. A detchable controller makes it easy to cycle through six different heat settings, plus it’s key when she’s nap-trapped or has a baby attached to her.


A special chocolate bar

Give the new mom in your life the gift of an expensive chocolate bar she probably wouldn’t splurge on for herself. This quilted imprint in this dark chocolate and salted almond bar from oodaalolly is almost too pretty to break apart (but she can still admire the wrapper once the chocolate is devoured). Salty and sweet are a perfect pick-me-up or middle of the night treat.


A roomy bag

Not quite a diaper bag or a purse, this roomy neoprene tote bag by POPUPS will instead become a go-to bag for all kinds of occasions. It’s waterproof and machine-washable (plus it air dries quickly) and it has snaps so it can open up wide or snap closed for a smaller bag. A metal hook keeps it semi-closed so things aren’t spilling over the top. Pockets plus a detachable mini bag keep everything organized. She can use this to schlep groceries (because it turns out it’s nearly impossible to wield a cart or hold a basket while pushing a stroller), a weekend trip, or a beach bag. I use to this bag to take all my son’s stuff to his nanny and it holds a ton. It’s available in solids and a fun prints.


Wireless noise cancelling earbuds

She’ll be able to listen to podcasts in the middle of the night without disturbing her nursing baby (or her spouse who is in a rage-inducing deep sleep) with this noise-cancelling headphones from Bose. These high-tech earbuds learn the contours of your exact ear so sound performance is optimal for your specific ear shape. These will be a must-have if she decides to sleep train with cry it out, too.


A hooded romper

Who has time for two-piece outfits? This cute romper from Lovello Elizabeth will become a go-to piece for lounging. It’s comfy enough to sleep in, but also cute enough to run errands in, and the zipper front makes nursing a breeze. It’s available in several colors (you won’t find any black or navy here) and it has a bit of spandex for a slight stretch.


One-step hair styling

Getting a blow out at the salon is pretty much impossible in those early days of motherhood, but this Blowout Pro Hair Kit from FoxyBae makes it easy to get shiny, bouncy results at home. It comes with a styling cream and heat protectant, and of course the round blow dry brush. From personal experience, this works best on hair that’s about 80% dry. Working section by section, she can either brush hair straight by using it like a normal brush, or using a “motorcycle vroom motion” (a stylist once told me this) wrap sections of hair around the brush toward the head for bends and waves. Hair will not only be dry, but it will look polished in no time, which is great when you’re only washing your hair once or twice a week, and nothing else in life feels especially put together.


A water bottle

Breastfeeding moms are advised to drink a wild amount of water (like 16 cups per day) and a trusty water bottle is a must-have. This bottle from Roam Loud keeps water cool for 12 hours (or warm for up to six hours), and it has a wide mouth for easy drinking.


A set of new-mom essentials

You may know Tubby Todd as primarily a kids brand (their All Over Ointment is a godsend for diaper rash and baby acne) but they have luxe products for moms too. This trio includes a nourishing hand cream that has the uplifting scent of ginger and lime, an organic nipple balm for those early days of nursing, and a belly oil that can be used beyond pregnancy to help the skin’s elasticity. These products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind, so they should work for anyone.


A grippy slipper

This Bombas sock-slipper hybrid is a must-have for new moms, even if she already has slippers. There’s nothing quite as daunting as carry a tiny baby down the stairs the first few times, and these are soft yet resilient with an anti-skid grip bottom that actually works. The small tab on the back makes it easy to pull these on and off, and they come in a ton of great colors. As a related side note, Bombas also makes socks for babies that somehow actually stay on, and toddler socks that just like these slippers are really great for gripping the floor.


A Valentine’s Day throw blanket

The mom who can’t resist a holiday photo shoot will love this soft throw blanket from Tula. Candy hearts may taste like chalk but they make a seriously cute pattern or backdrop for a Valentine’s Day photo. It’s made of a super soft natural Oeko-Tex bamboo fabric that won’t irritate baby’s skin (even when waiting for mom to get the shot). This rolls up small and it’s easy to take on-the-go.


Soft leggings

In those early days of new parenthood, leggings start to feel like formalwear (or at least a definite step-up from spit up stained sweats). These leggings from Diosa Fit are made with a super soft, slightly compressive material that holds you in without being restrictive or uncomfortable. They come in a couple colors like this sky blue or lilac, but also classic neutrals like black or an espresso brown.

When it comes to finding the best Valentine’s Day gifts for new moms, you can’t go wrong with the gifts on this list. Anything that makes her day (and night; they blur) a little easier will be appreciated. One of the best gifts anyone can receive is an elevated version of something they already use, so don’t skip the fancy water bottle or the luxe slippers just because you think she already has one. And if you really want to go the extra mile, add in some free babysitting so she can nap or shower without worrying.

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