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75 Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions & Answers

The U.S. spends how much on chocolate?!

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No matter how you choose to celebrate on the day, Feb. 14 is a date synonymous with love. All sorts of love, in fact — romantic love, family love, friendship love — it all counts. Another type of love that totally counts? A love of fun facts, naturally. Whether you want to plan a fun party game or just impress your friends and family with new knowledge of the holiday, the Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers below can help you celebrate the holiday.

There’s plenty to learn about the history of Valentine’s Day, like interesting stats about candy, cards, and gifts, as well as a ton of pop culture references to the holiday. (Seriously, can you believe those iconic little conversation hearts have been around since 1902? And that they, a notoriously chalky candy, were actually intended to be used as lozenges?) Each category below has a range of interesting questions that are great to quiz adults and kids alike. If you’re on the hunt for a Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers printout that you can use for a party at home or for your child’s classroom party at school, this one from Etsy is a great option.

Read on for even more Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers.

Fun Valentine’s Day trivia questions

  • Approximately how many people get engaged each Valentine’s Day? 6 million
  • In which year was the first speed dating event held? 1998
  • Kissing can increase a person’s heart rate to approximately how many beats per minute? 110
  • What is the length of the longest marriage ever recorded? 86 years, 290 days
  • What is commonly known as the “love hormone?” Oxytocin
  • Which fruit was once thought to be an aphrodisiac and called a “love apple?” Tomato
  • Which holiday is the only day busier for restaurants than Valentine’s Day? Mother’s Day
  • Which two colors are considered the unofficial colors of Valentine’s Day? Red and pink
  • In which year did Americans spend the most money on Valentine’s Day? 2020
  • Which U.S. state has a town named Valentine? Texas
  • What does XOXO mean? Hugs and kisses
  • In which European country is the “I love you wall” located? France

Pop culture Valentine’s Day trivia

  • Which celebrity couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2019? Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
  • Which 2004 film takes place on Valentine’s Day? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • What is the most popular romantic comedy about Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day (2010)
  • The song “My Bloody Valentine” is by which band? Good Charlotte
  • Which story inspired the Good Charlotte song “My Bloody Valentine?” The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe
  • Which popular website launched on Valentine’s Day 2005? YouTube
  • What invention was first patented on Valentine’s Day? The telephone
  • Who was originally cast to play Julia Roberts’ role in the movie Valentine’s Day? Katherine Heigl
  • What Valentine’s Day spin-off holiday was coined by the TV show Parks and Recreation? Galentine’s Day
  • In which Shakespearean play is Valentine’s Day mentioned? Hamlet
  • Which love song is most often added to Spotify playlists? “All of Me” by John Legend
  • In what year did Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown first air? 1975
  • Who originally sang the song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”? Queen
  • Which TV series has an episode titled “The One With The Candy Hearts?” Friends

Valentine’s Day trivia about candy & flowers

  • What were Sweethearts candy originally made to be? Medical lozenges
  • In which year did conversation hearts get their classic shape? 1902
  • Which type of candy was a predecessor of modern conversation hearts, but is still made today? Necco Wafers
  • What is the most popular type of Valentine’s Day candy in the United States? Chocolate
  • Approximately what percentage of Valentine’s Day candy sales are chocolate? 75%
  • What is the most popular non-chocolate Valentine’s Day candy? Conversation hearts
  • Who invented the first-known Valentine’s Day box of candy? Richard Cadbury
  • In which year was the first box of Valentine’s Day chocolate produced? 1868
  • Which flavor of chocolate is most popular in chocolate boxes? Caramel
  • Which U.S. state has the highest number of chocolate makers? California
  • Approximately how many heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine’s Day each year? 35 million
  • How much do Americans spend buying Valentine’s Day chocolate each year? $1 billion
  • Which flower is the most popular on Valentine’s Day? Roses
  • Approximately how many roses are purchased each year for Valentine’s Day? 50 million
  • What color roses are the most popular sold for Valentine’s Day? Red
  • In which U.S. state are the most red roses produced? California
  • What do red roses symbolize? Love
  • What do yellow roses symbolize? Friendship
  • Other than Valentine’s Day, which holiday sees the most flowers purchased? Mother’s Day
  • Who is believed to have started the tradition of sending Valentine’s Day flowers? King Charles II of Sweden
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Valentine’s Day trivia about cards & gifts

  • Approximately how many greeting cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day? 145 million
  • When were mass-produced Valentine’s Day cards invented? 1849
  • In what year did Hallmark first start selling Valentine’s Day cards? 1913
  • On which holiday are more greeting cards purchased than on Valentine’s Day? Christmas
  • Approximately how many people purchase Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets each year? 9 million
  • The predecessor to modern-day Valentine’s Day cards in the 19th century were called what? Valentine Writers
  • In Victorian England, what were cards sent to deter potential suitors called? Vinegar Valentines
  • Who receives 39% of all Valentine’s Day candy and gifts purchased? Children
  • Women purchase approximately what percentage of all Valentine’s Day gifts? 85%
  • How much do Americans typically spend on jewelry each Valentine’s Day? $4.1 billion

Valentine’s Day trivia about the history of the holiday

  • What is Cupid’s name, according to Greek mythology? Eros
  • According to Roman mythology, who does Cupid fall in love with? Psyche
  • Who is Cupid the son of, according to Roman mythology? Venus
  • On which continent did Valentine’s Day originate? Europe
  • In Greek mythology, who is the goddess of love? Aphrodite
  • Valentine’s Day origins are said to be rooted in which pagan festival? Lupercalia
  • Who first added wings and a bow to Cupid’s image? Renaissance-era painters
  • Who is referred to as the Mother of Valentine’s Day? Esther Howland
  • In what year was Saint Valentine said to be martyred? 269
  • Which emperor called for the execution of Saint Valentine? Claudius II
  • When was Valentine’s Day first declared to be celebrated on Feb. 14? 1537
  • Who wrote the first known Valentine’s Day message? The Duke of Orleans
  • In what form was the first-known Valentine’s Day message? A poem
  • When was the first known Valentine’s Day message sent? 1415
  • Where was the oldest known Valentine’s Day message sent from? Prison
  • Who orchestrated the St. Valentine’s Day massacre? Al Capone
  • Valentine’s day was first declared a holiday by which pope? Gelasius I
  • What herb was believed by English women in the 1700s to bring good luck for Valentine’s Day? Bay leaves
  • In which country is Feb. 14 called “Friend’s Day?” Finland

Whether you play a fun round of Valentine’s Day trivia at home with your family or print them out for your kid’s classroom party, these Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers can help you enjoy the day.

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