Picky Eaters

How Rachel Zoe Makes Her Picky Eaters A Healthy Treat

The fashion designer’s sons have this nutrient-packed snack daily after school.

Are you struggling to find an after-school treat that your kids will enjoy, but is also somewhat healthy? Fashion designer Rachel Zoe has an ice cream cone hack to please picky eaters, and Romper has the exclusive scoop. (Pun absolutely intended.)

In this new video segment, Zoe shows parents step-by-step how to build a better ice cream cone at home filled with healthy options including dairy-free ice cream and vegan, non-dairy toppings. Zoe is joined by her two adorable school-aged sons, one a self-proclaimed picky eater and the other who admits they’re not as choosy — a conundrum moms of multiple kiddos can absolutely relate to. Her boys have an ice cream cone at home every day after school and after camp in the summer, she explains.

Whether your kids have food allergies, specific dietary needs, or are just especially finicky, non-dairy ice cream substitutes can be a tasty way to sneak some extra nutrients into your child’s diet and decrease their added sugar consumption. Zoe explains that there are different varieties of dairy-free ice cream made with almonds, cashews, coconut, avocado, as well as other fruits and veggies that her kids just love.

She recommends layering different types of ice cream into your cone and then letting your kiddos choose from a variety of toppings like crumbled protein bars, dairy-free dark chocolate candies, sliced strawberries, and sugar-free sprinkles to add to their cones. It’s a tasty treat your kids will love that you can feel good about.

Ice Cream + ‘Healthy’ Ice Cream Alternatives:

  • organic fruit sorbet
  • organic cake style cones
  • almond ice cream
  • coconut ice cream
  • cashew ice cream
  • frozen yogurt

Ice Cream Toppings:

  • dark or milk chocolate chips
  • granola bars
  • sprinkles
  • chocolate covered almonds + raisins
  • organic chocolate candies
  • fruit and dried fruit

Producer: Annalise Yuri Murphy

Food Stylist: Lee Kalpalkis