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These Vintage Winter Photos Perfectly Capture The Magic Of The Season

We could all use a reminder of how peaceful a pristine winter snow can be.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but the Christmas season can be stressful and winter is famously known to cause SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Combine that with a global pandemic and, well, staying in bed until spring doesn't sound like such a terrible idea. In an effort to prevent the winter blues, I make a conscious effort to surround myself with as much positivity as possible, whether that's a hot chocolate with my kids, a phone call with an old friend, or looking at vintage photos of the winter season.

I know, I know. But here's the thing: there is so much life in old photos that it makes me want to find a pond to go ice skating or wear a ridiculous hat to keep my ears warm while I shop. While I can't say those times were simpler than they are now (I hear that a lot, but I'm pretty sure everyone has their struggles, no matter when they lived), there is a joy to be found when looking at vintage photos, whether they're in your family or just ones you find while randomly perusing the Internet. After looking at these pictures, would you agree? Here's to finding joy this winter season, wherever and however you can.


Mountaintop Racing

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While I'm pretty sure this race car would not meet 2020 safety guidelines, these two seem to be having a grand ol' time careening down the mountain. Well, maybe the guy in the back, not so much.


Heading Home

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This is such a peaceful, classic winter scene. I'm pretty sure as soon as they get home the first question will be, "Mom, can we have some hot chocolate?"


An Old-Fashioned Snow Ball Fight

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I'm getting strong A Christmas Story vibes here as these little ones plan their next snow ball attack. Judging from all the snow on the tree, they stand a pretty good shot of winning.


50's Ski Bunny Fashion

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I too would feel ready to hit the slopes in this sleek and fashionable ski attire. Who knew 1950s ski fashion was so on point? (That's what the kids are saying these days, right?)


Ice Skating At The Pond

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The fact that this ice skater is smiling when she must clearly be freezing is impressive, I have to say. I'm so impressed with her positivity that it put a smile on my face, too. Someone give her some hot chocolate! (And I want this costume.)


Sitting Around The Fire

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Does it get more classic than sitting around the fireplace and Christmas tree with your family? I love this so much. Plus that shag carpet screams vintage 1970s interior design.


Off To Run A Few Errands

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As I sit here in lounge pants and a fleece pullover, I do kind of long for the days when people got dressed up to do their shopping or run a few errands. She's probably on the way to the dentist.


A Barrel Of Fun

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Show your child this photo when they tell you they're bored over winter vacation. Back in the 1920s, children used to find fun using a barrel!


A Day On The Sledding Hill

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I've always heard that people would use hub caps to go sledding, which is what appears to be happening here. She's ready for a ride down the hill! Love that fuzzy white headband, too.


Extreme Tug Of War

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The stakes of tug-of-war are a bit higher when you're playing in freezing cold snow and ice, but this team appears to be giving it their all. Here's to teamwork!


Mother & Son Bonding Time

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I love that mom and son fit perfectly on this sled, which is exactly what comes to mind when I think of "vintage winter fun." Don't you love imagining if this was a Christmas gift they're breaking in?


Brown Paper Package Tied Up with String

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Excuse me while I have a moment singing Julie Andrew's "My Favorite Things." I love everything about this photo, from the feather in her hat to the wreath on her arm. Just classic and lovely.

Who's ready for a little ice skating at the lake now? Stay positive and enjoy the season, friends!