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Walmart Is Making Sure You Enjoy Christmas By Delivering Your Tree & Lights

Let the retail giant take over your least favorite holiday chores

Are you ready to put up your Christmas decorations but just not in the mood to actually do the work? Let Walmart help you out. This year, Walmart's started a Christmas tree delivery program and lights installation service. In other words, you buy the tree and lights and Walmart will set them up for you.

But they're only setting up the tree, not putting on the ornaments. You'll still have that fun job to yourself. Tree options range from 3 to nine feet; from recently chopped to potted plants. Customers can also purchase and have Christmas-themed plants such as wreaths and poinsettias delivered as well. Delivery services are free, but you'll make up the cost in the tree themselves. For instance a tabletop Douglas Fir might run you about $54, but 8 to 9 ft. Balsam trees can cost up to $900, Fox Business reported.

The light installation service is a partnership with Handy. Like the tree delivery program, the light service can be ordered online and is limited to single and double-story homes. Christmas light installment on single-story homes will cost $129; installation on double-story homes will cost $199. The price does not include any extra lights or extension cords.


And once the holidays at over, for about $100-$159, Walmart can come back out and remove the lights for you.

The initiative is part of Walmart's way to accommodate their e-commerce customers. Online services have been on the rise amid the pandemic and they're not the only one offering tree and light service for the holidays.

In October, Lowe's launched their Christmas tree delivery service online.

Home Depot also offers a range of Christmas trees from $50 to $200 that can be delivered for free.