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Here's When Costco Starts Stocking Stores With Holiday Splendor

Even Santa likes buying in bulk.

It’s a cliche at this point to act all surprised when the holiday season is suddenly upon us once more, and do I always feel surprised? The holidays? Again? Weren’t we just in shorts? But even though it does feel like it snuck up on us, I admit I’m feeling excited for the holidays this year. Naturally, when thinking on Santa and festive decor, thoughts tend to turn towards shopping. Which in turn leads to thoughts of bargains. Which of course leads us to: Costco. So, when will Costco put out their holiday stuff in 2022?

When will holiday decor actually hit the shelves at Costco?

So, when will Costco actually start selling trees and ornaments and the like? How about last July? Yep. Apparently Costco truly believes in Christmas in July, as they were already stocking stores with holiday stuff back when you were still chasing your 4 year-old around the pool with sunscreen.

Shop online for Costco holiday stuff now

If you simply can’t handle the seasonal suspense and dying to see what Costco has in store right this very minute, there’s some very cute stuff you can check out now online.

For instance, how ridiculously cute is this little animated Disney house with lights and music? No doubt little ones would be dazzled by this. Though it might be hard to keep sticky hands from attempting to pry Pooh loose.

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Or maybe you’re more focused on your outdoor holiday decor. Maybe you feel like your five-foot holiday glitter bear isn’t going to cut it this year, and you really want to splurge. In which case, this symphony of lights display might be just what you’re after. It plays seven different holiday songs, and lights up into all kinds of a tree, house, and snowflake. You can now host your very own holiday light show.

Really though, I think my personal favorite would have to be this incredibly fun 20-inch Grinch they have for sale. This guy would look awesome smirking by the tree, no?

I mean, I’m not sure how Dr. Seuss would feel about Costco, as buying bulk kind of doesn’t sound like it would have been his thing? But who knows, maybe this little Grinch can serve as a reminder to us all to not get lost in all of the shopping mania, and to remember what the holiday is all about.