Holiday decorations on a christmas tree
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Here’s When Party City Will Put Out Their Holiday Stuff in 2022

Out with Freddy Krueger, in with Rudolph.

Garlands and mistletoe aren’t really what one thinks of when venturing into Party City right now. More like Ghostface and missing toes, as the store is totally still decked out in Halloween madness as of this writing. But in just a few short weeks, that’s all about to change. If you’re eager to load up on Christmas stuff — or Hanukkah stuff, or solstice gear — you’ll probably want to know when exactly Party City will put out their holiday stuff this year. Read on to find out.

When will Party City put out holiday stuff in 2022?

Party City is planning to pack up their Halloween stuff and gear up for the holidays come November. So, for the very organized among us, you can head on in to get what you need for upcoming holiday soirees, home decor, or just to check out some cozy displays for holiday decor inspiration.

I’ll be honest, I sometimes find Party City a little overwhelming. (So. Much. Stuff.) But I do love the fact that pretty much everything you need for a Christmas get-together is right there, down to the napkins and cups.

Shop Party City holiday stuff online now

If you’re feeling over the season of skeletons and pumpkins and need a little Christmas right this very minute, there’s already some holiday stuff you can take a peek at online.

I kind of dig this twist on the old-fashioned stair garland. This could be great to surprise kiddos with on Christmas morning, or to have for your own holiday fete. You know people will want Insta pics with it.

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Or maybe you’re determined to take home the top prize at this year’s ugly sweater contest. In which case, might I tempt you with this “ugly” elf sweater that actually comes with its own set of dangling legs and pointy cap?

And what’s not to love about this festive Chrismukkah stocking featuring a bagel and cream cheese? This baby covers all of your holiday bases.

If you simply must see these holiday offerings live and in person, well, hang in there, November is on the way. And now, after looking at all of those Santas and snowmen I must go stare out the window at the crimson leaves and remind myself what season I am in.