Here's When To Replace Your Baby's Bottle

by Meg Kehoe

Of all the things your baby sticks in their mouth during their first few months of life, baby bottles probably take the cake. They get the most use, the most wear and tear, and the most mileage from your little one. You wash them what seems like a million times, but do you know when to replace your baby's bottle? It might seem like something that can last forever, but considering how often it gets put into your baby's mouth, you might want to read on to find out how often you should be replacing your baby's bottles.

According to WebMD, your baby's bottle and the bottle nipples should receive different treatment. In fact, The Health Site wrote that your baby's bottle nipple is actually more important to pay attention to than the body of the bottle. Who would have thought? Both sites suggested that you check your bottle nipples every two to three months for signs of wear and tear. But what are the signs of said wear and tear? Baby Center noted that it's time to replace your bottle nipple if the liquid is pouring out in a stream. This means that the hole has become too big and it's time to replace. Other signs you should consider replacing the nipple are thinning, discoloration, stickiness, or tearing, all of which point to signs of deterioration and weakening of the material.


But what about the bottle? That gets pretty gross too, right? If you notice cracks, breaks, or chips in the bottle, Baby Center noted that you should toss it as these hazards could cause your child could pinch or cut themselves on the body of the bottle. Another thing to make note of is discoloration. Just like with the bottle nipples, this can be a sign of deterioration of materials.

Baby Center also noted that if you're using bottles with disposable liners, you need to throw the liner away after each use. If you don't notice any chips or cracks in your baby's bottles, a good rule of thumb is to dispose of them every four to six months, according to The Health Site. If any bottle you have is hovering in the questionable category due to cracks or coloring, it's always better to toss it than hang onto it. With anything that gets lots of wear and tear from your babe, it's always better to be safe than sorry.