The "Who TF Did I Marry" Saga Explained For People Who Can't Spend 8 Hours On TikTok

“Being single sucks ... but being married to the wrong person is a type of hell no one should have to go through.”

If you’re on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard about “Who TF Did I Marry,” either directly or through some kind of meme. The viral epic is told in an absolutely staggering 50-part, approximately eight hour long series on TikTok by Atlanta-based TikTok user @ReesaMTeesa, who refers to herself as ReesaTeesa. (For comparison, the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy is six hours and 20 minutes.) “Who TF Did I Marry” is the story of “how I met, dated, married, and divorced a real, pathological liar,” she explains in an introductory video posted on Feb. 14. “I will be truthful, even if it makes me look bad.” The story is traumatic, she tells viewers, but she holds on to her sense of humor (in Part 1, she describes the relationship as “a United Nation of red flags” from the very beginning), and can clearly see the entertainment value in this outlandish tale of lies, drama, and betrayal. And so, too, does the public: ReesaTeesa’s account now boasts nearly two million followers and her story has amassed tens of millions of likes.

Entertaining though it may be, not everyone has the bandwidth to be able to sit at rapt attention for (again, we cannot stress this enough) eight hours. (Though ReesaTeesa suggests listening to the playlist as an audiobook.) So for those who don’t want to be left out of a good story (or viral trend/round of memes), we’ve summarized this outrageous tale for you.

ReesaTeesa met “Legion” in March 2020.

The pair met after matching on Facebook’s dating app and Hinge right before the world locked down during the Covid-19 pandemic and hit it off right away. Legion (not his real name) told ReesaTeesa he’d just moved to Atlanta from San Diego for work; he was a regional manager at a popular condiment company. He also told her he’d played arena football previously. Their first date went well, and shortly after that, everything locked down. They decided to quarantine together, at ReesaTeesa’s place and everything seemed to be going well. Legion paid most of the bills, and was excited to buy a house, which he told ReesaTeesa his company was paying for since they’d relocated him. This was a welcome development, since ReesaTeesa soon became pregnant.

Things started to get weird when the pair tried to buy a house together.

Though Legion assured ReesaTeesa he had plenty of money, every house they put an offer on fell through. (“There was always an excuse with him, and I didn’t know enough about the process to question him.”) In one instance, the sellers pulled out of the deal because Legion could not show proof of his purported finances. In another instance, he claimed they would soon be closing on a house that ReesaTeesa had looked up and knew was already sold to someone else. Other major purchases, like a promised BMW for ReesaTeesa would also fall through in similarly unusual circumstances.

Nevertheless, Legion spent prodigiously — collecting sneakers, watches, and wrestling memorabilia — and would frequently boast about money, particularly around ReesaTeesa’s family. It made enough sense to her: Legion was frequently taking “business trips.” Sadly, during one such trip in July 2020, ReesaTeesa miscarried.

ReesaTeesa & Legion married in 2021.

Sure, there were red flags. Sure, things were frequently stressful and Legion was often away, but the pair tied the knot in 2021. All was relatively well for for a few months until...

ReesaTeesa applied for a new job and truths about her husband came to light.

Part of the job application involved a background check for both her and Legion. It was then that she discovered that her husband’s social security number didn’t match the one on their marriage license. That’s when ReesaTeesa began really digging into all of the inconsistencies and odd-circumstances of the past couple years and found out that “everything” about him had been a lie. He’d never lived in California. He wasn’t a vice president of a condiment company but a temporary forklift driver. He’s only mentioned one ex-wife when there were several. His family (whom he often claimed to be on the phone with) didn’t have contact with him. Moreover, she wasn’t the only person he was lying to; she found out he was telling other people that Reesa had never miscarried and had given birth to a son whom the two of them shared.

They divorced five months after their wedding in 2022.

Social media is obsessed with the story.

This saga has captured the attention of large swathes of the social media landscape. Many joked that the dramatic tale has them second guessing everything a man tells them from here on out...

“this is how i’m looking at my man after finishing that “whotfdidimarry?” series,” jokes Twitter user @AntiFleek.

“Before watching RessaTessa’s ‘whotfdidImarry’ series on TikTok, my trust in men was at a solid 1%. After watching all 50 parts, that number’s sitting at a smooth -970%,” says @RobynDMarley_.

Others urged ReesaTeesa to capitalize on her viral story.

“no i need Ms. Reesa Teesa to get a 7-figure development deal, literary agent & talent manager, brand deals w/ zillow, audi, BMW, talk show appearances, STAT. bare minimum,” says @AppleSaidur.

“I’m sorry that Who tf did I marry story time on TikTok,” observed @linasabry, “she needs to copyright it before they turn it into a movie cause I know Netflix is taking NOTES.”

But, mostly, people were just agog at the twists and turns of this extraordinary story at ReesaTeesa’s ability to hold an audience’s attention.

“This WhoTFDidIMarry series on TikTok is better than network television,” opines @brooklynluv.

“Just finished all 50 parts to WhoTFDidMarry,” tweeted @jayveeyus, “now what do I do with my life?”

ReesaTeesa hopes her story can help other people.

In her final video, ReesaTeesa shares that she has become less trusting since her relationship with Legion ended, and that she kept on believing in the relationship, and her ex-husband, because she wanted it to “be her turn” for love and happiness. She’s also struggled with the realization that her ex-husband, she believes, never loved her and probably never even liked her.

“There’s a level of cruelty to my ex-husband that i had never experienced before and God knows I pray I never experience again,” she said before continuing. “Being single sucks ... but being married to the wrong person is a type of hell no one should have to go through.”