10 Clever Halloween Costumes For Babywearing Mamas

Becoming a mom means you think about everything differently — even Halloween. From candy to costumes, of course you want to put your little one first. But that doesn't mean you can't have any fun! Keeping your infant warm and well-fed while you partake in Halloween festivities is a piece of cake (or, make that... candy corn). There are lots of great ways to make your little one a part of your holiday fun. And if you and your baby are literally attached, you're definitely going to need some ideas for clever Halloween costumes for baby wearing mamas.

If wearing your baby is a part of your daily routine, it may already seem as if they're a natural extension of your body. So it only makes sense to make them a part of your Halloween costume as well. Because the only thing cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume is a baby and a mom wearing deliberately coordinated Halloween costumes. And if you have older children, you don't have to worry about missing out on any of the Halloween fun. You can trick or treat the night away without having to worry about your baby because she'll be safe and snug next to your body, and an important part of your costume.

Check out this list of mommy and me costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing this Halloween. And make sure you take plenty of pictures. This may be one of the last times you'll be able to get away with coordinating costumes.


Bee On A Flower

A pair of green pants ($73), a flouncy yellow top ($14), and a pair of green clogs ($83) will make you look like the most delicate flower in the garden. Wear your baby dressed in an adorable baby bumble bee costume ($20) and you'll get plenty of buzz this Halloween.


Bank Robber With Loot

The bank robber look is easy to pull together with black leggings ($35), a stripped top ($20), and black sneakers ($50). Then decorate a Boba wrap carrier ($40) with dollar signs to make your baby look like the cutest bag of loot in town.


Leprechaun With Pot Of Gold

Speaking of loot... turn yourself into a lucky leprechaun with a pair of green slacks ($130), silk blouse ($80), gold boots ($86) and green hat ($90). Complete your look by wearing your tiny treasure wrapped in a gold sling carrier ($60). You could even make some big coins out of gold felt and sew them to the carrier with a couple small stitches.


Winnie The Pooh & Honey Pot

You can become one of the most beloved characters from your childhood with a few simple pieces. Layer a red t-shirt ($27) over a bronze jumpsuit ($36) to create Pooh's look. Your baby will instantly become a sweet pot of honey in this yellow carrier ($38).


Movie Theater Employee With Popcorn

You may not have much time to go to the movies now that you're a mom. But with this white top with bow ($19), black pants ($68), and white apron ($7), you can look like you work there. Wear your baby in an adorable popcorn costume ($30) as a delicious accessory.


What's Cookin'?

You can add a chef's hat to the same white top with bow ($19), black pants ($68), and white apron ($7) from the movie theater costume idea. Carry your baby dressed in a sweet, adorable strawberry costume ($20).


Rosie The Riveter

All it takes is a pair of Levi's jeans ($40), a denim shirt ($30), and a red bandana ($8) to turn yourself into this iconic figure of feminine strength. And wearing your baby in your favorite carrier will make you look even stronger (everyone knows that's where moms get their awesome biceps).


Curious George & The Man With The Yellow Hat

Create your own DIY version of the Curious George characters with a pair of yellow pants ($57), yellow sweater ($140), and a yellow hat, of course ($20). And your little monkey will stay warm all night long in this monkey costume ($15).


Pirate & Parrot

A ruffled blouse ($22), black leggings ($25), and black boots ($30) are all you need to become a swashbuckling pirate this Halloween. And you can wear your baby in a parrot costume ($20) to have a colorfully adorable companion.


E.T. & Elliot

Your kids may have no clue who E.T. is, but all of the adults will instantly recognize this 80s favorite. Recreate Elliot's look with a simple red hooded sweatshirt ($40) and jeans ($20). You can turn your little into E.T. wearing this bear costume ($18) and wrapped in a white blanket.

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