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The Best 'Bachelorette' Tweets & Memes Of The Season

The only thing I love more than watching people fall in love on The Bachelorette each season is the plethora of amazing memes and gifs that Bachelor Nation creates to go along with the show. Every week, superfans generate a new image or inside joke that perfectly encapsulates what everyone is thinking. And The Bachelorette memes from this season definitely sum things up pretty well. It looks like most of the memes that were born out of the quirky contestants have little to do with Becca herself and instead surround some of her most colorful contestants.

Most of The Bachelorette memes from this season have to do with the men and their petty feuds, their delusional arrogance, or sometimes just their pitch-perfect reactions. A few of the most meme-able guys include Chris, known for his resemblance to a certain irritating character on Friends; one contestant's glasses which became the real MVP of the season; Leo, for his flowing long locks, and of course Jordan who says something quotable every time he opens his mouth.

Of course watching Becca find true love and happiness is also important, but never underestimate the power of a good meme. Check out some of my favorites below.


Chris As "Eddie"

Fans knew that Chris wasn’t doing great as soon as his insecurity began to show, but he inadvertently took things to an even more awkward level when he showed up at Becca’s hotel room to talk. At this point the resemblance to Eddie from Friends is almost too obvious.


Connor’s Glasses

When Connor donned a pair of glasses for apparently the first time on the show, Twitter fell in love. Unfortunately, Becca didn't.


Leo's Hair

Right from the start, Becca was totally impressed with Leo’s long and luxurious curls and most fans were too. Even when he opted for a ponytail or bun, it was basically swoon city with him. Some fans on Twitter have even compared him to Aquaman’s Jason Momoa while others made a Tarzan comparison.


The Regret Over Losing Joe

Though Becca herself hasn't said anything about regretting sending Grocery Store Joe home on night one, Bachelorette fans still mourn the loss of what could have been. Luckily, he’s going to be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. But he's still missed.


Jordan As A Ken Doll

If Jordan had stayed on longer, I like to think that he’d be the subject of nearly every end credits scene of The Bachelorette this season which are typically, those scenes are reserved for the funniest moments that didn't make the cut for the actual episode. By the end of his time on the show, people couldn't stop drawing comparisons between Jordan and a certain handsome male Barbie doll.


Becca Looking Out The Window

Whoever cut this particular scene on The Bachelorette probably wasn't prepared for the image of Becca gazing forlornly out of a window to become the iconic image it has.


Calling Out Lincoln

As a flat-earther (yes, he is and yes, I also can't even), Lincoln got a considerable amount of flack from fans as well as his housemates.


Supporting Becca

Becca isn't the first strong female lead in the franchise and she won't be the last, but it’s also pretty refreshing when she’s not afraid to stand her ground and call out the men on their lies or deceptions. Case in point: every single time Chris tried to play the victim card.


The Colton & Tia Drama

OK, so it wasn't as dramatic as the promos made it seem, but when Becca found out that Colton and Tia Booth once dated, it was definitely a blow. But if the memes are anything to go by, fans have found the humor in the situation.


Chris Writing A Letter

When producers got the shot of Chris writing some kind of note, alone, with a single lamp on, it gave off some seriously creepy vibes that Bachelor Nation found, frankly, hilarious.


Let’s Do The Damn Thing

Thankfully, Becca’s catchphrase that The Bachelorette took and ran with didn't make it far past the first couple of episodes this season. But at first it seemed like it was going to be repeated way too often and fans were not having it.

Somehow, hometown dates are nearly here, which is a sure signal that things are starting to get serious. There will be hundreds of more tweets and memes to summarize and pay tribute to the best and worst moments of the season and I seriously can’t wait.