11 HomeGoods Hacks Every Mom Needs To Know — Those Discounts Are About To Get Even Steeper

Before you had children, you may have been willing to spare no expense to decorate your home. But now that you're a mom and diapers and day care make up the majority of your budget, you've probably changed your tune. You have no problem shopping around for the best deals on, well, everything, and that's why stores that specialize in discounts are on your radar. But no matter how awesome HomeGoods is for housewares, the idea of searching through a cluttered, crowded store can be a headache. So shop armed with these HomeGoods hacks that every mom needs to know, and you can score some serious deals with less stress.

From knowing when to shop for the best seasonal items (hint: after the holiday), to finding out when the store restocks their goods — once a week! — there are plenty of ways to make sure that you are getting the most of your HomeGoods experience. Believe it or not, you don't have to blow your entire budget to make your home look chic, and you can always find high-quality, designer goods at anywhere between 20 to 60 percent off traditional department store prices. All of those savings makes it easier to update any room of your house when the mood hits. And you don't have to cry over spilled milk (or juice, paint, or anything else) your kids will inevitably spill on your fabulous new throw pillows. And one of the things that makes shopping at HomeGoods such an amazing adventure is that unlike many department stores, you never know exactly what you're going to find.


Leave No Stone Unturned

You can almost always expect that things will be a little messy. After all, HomeGoods stores get tons of traffic, and it's hard for some to keep their cool at these amazing prices. So be sure to search every inch of the store for hidden gems, and claim it ASAP. When you find an amazing mirror for your bedroom in the outdoor department, you'll thank me. On the flip side, if you're on the fence about a particular piece, then leave it where you found it and circle back for it at the end of your shopping spree. If it's still there, you're meant to have it! If not, you'll probably find a better version there next week.


Find Out When The Shipments Come In

When it comes to shopping at HomeGoods, the early bird definitely gets the worm. If you want to get first dibs on all of the amazing goodies each week, make friends with the manager and get the inside scoop on when exactly the trucks roll in with new loot.


Keep Your Receipts

A woman is entitled to change her mind, and fortunately, HomeGoods has a 30-day money back return policy. But be sure to hold on to your receipt until you make up your mind. "Without a receipt, you'll get what [the item] is selling for now, which could be a lot less than what you paid," advises Cachet.


Beeline For The Wrapping Paper Section

You're always in need of wrapping paper, and you'll definitely want to check out the store's robust selection where you can fine patterned rolls for just a few bucks. In addition to being great for gifting, the beautiful designs can add to your home's decor for special events. "I use the wrapping paper to cover my tables for parties, especially for the kids," says Cachet.


Check Out The Food

Once you've shopped for your furniture and home decor items at HomeGoods, don't even think about going to the register without checking out the food. "Their gourmet section is amazing," celebrity designer Courtney Cachet tells Romper. The section is stocked with plenty of artisanal food items and gourmet goodies such as spices, cookies, coffee, pasta, cocktail mixers, and more. You won't find mac and cheese or fish sticks, but you'll find plenty of pantry-friendly treats.


Go Often

Because the stores receive new shipments every week, you'll want to check back often to find the latest and greatest items. Knowing that a new amazing deal is right around the corner makes shopping even more fun.


Check The Clearance Section

Once you've checked out the new arrivals, look in the clearance section for items that are marked down even lower, as Daily Dose of Design suggests. The store has to make room for new items — which, I repeat arrive each week, so — and will typically mark down merchandise even further to help it move off of the shelves. Score!


Stock Up On The Holidays

The day after holidays is the best time time to score decorations and gifts for next year because that's when merchandise is usually marked down to an unbeatable price. It might seem silly at the time, but you'll be glad you did it when the holidays creep up on you next year.


Don't Be Afraid To DIY

See a great coffee table but don't love the color? Don't pass it up. If the price is right, it's totally worth buying and painting or staining it yourself at home. You'll end up with an amazing one of a kind piece at a super low price.


Sign Up For Emails

Visit the HomeGoods website to sign up to receive emails. Not only will you get great decorating tips and design inspiration, you'll stay in the know about new store openings and seasonal information.


Order A Gift Card In 30 Seconds

Don't stress yourself out looking for the perfect gift last minute gift for a teacher, caregiver, or fellow mom friend. HomeGoods gift cards are a great way to show your appreciation. Although you can't shop online, you can still purchase a printable e-card that can be delivered in a flash.

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