Diane Durongpisitkul/Stocksy
Here's What To Pack In A Beach Bag For A 6 Month Old So You Can Have Actual Fun

Before having kids, I remember ambling to the beach with just a few simple items tossed in my beach bag. As long as I had sunscreen and a beach read, I knew I was set. But after having a baby, planning a beach excursion suddenly felt like the ultimate packing challenge. By the time my daughter was several months old, I felt pretty confident in my ability to pack a diaper bag, but a beach bag? That was unchartered territory. I wondered what to bring to the beach for a 6 month old so that I felt prepared for anything, but didn't look like I had packed my entire apartment in the process.

Fortunately, with a handful of the right products, you don't actually have to bring a caravan worth of stuff. The key is investing in some smart baby beach essentials, like the ones below, that give you peace of mind that your infant will be safe and comfortable, no matter what unexpected situation arises. Blowout swim diaper? No problem!

And while packing for baby is probably your number one concern, don't forget to think about your needs too. If you're breastfeeding, it's even easier to get dehydrated in the heat, according to Livestrong, so make sure you're packing plenty of water for yourself.