12 Sentimental Father's Day Cards That Will Give Dad All The Feels

Father's Day falls a month after Mother's Day and it can often feel like a "second-class" holiday. There are fewer flowers and less advertising for jewelry and special brunches. You may hear ads for steaks or tool sets, but those are hardly sentimental items. Men can also be harder to buy for than women. My own dad, for example, doesn't really want any more objects, but he loves a good card and some one-on-one time with me. That's why I always take my time to pick out the right greeting, such as one of the sentimental Father's Day cards in this list.

This year, I might choose the first one because its message is dead-on: I'm in my mid-30s and still need my dad almost every day. Inside, I'd list all the times he's come through for me in the past year (I'd run out of room if I tried to cover my entire life). From listening to my career or interpersonal laments and providing sound counsel, to mowing my lawn in a pinch and helping with his grandchildren, my dad is often the first call I make when I need help. If this describes your father as well, you're sure to find the perfect card from this list that will make both of you feel mushy inside. There are also options for grandfathers, stepfathers, dads of little kids, and male role models who are "like a dad" to you. So order your favorites, get out your best pen, and get busy honoring the great dads in your life.


For The Father Who Dotes On His Daughter

No Matter How Old Card, $5, Etsy

If you identify as a total "Daddy's girl," this card will tell your dad you'll always be one. Parents (and sometimes fathers especially) love knowing they are needed for advice and other help even after their children leave home.


For A First Class Stepfather

You Stepped In Card, $4, Etsy

Stepparents often get a bad rap in pop culture, but in real life they can be just as (or more) loving and supportive as a biological parent. If your stepfather means the world to you, tell him how great he is with this sweet and clever card.


For The Man In Your Life Who's Been There For You Like A Dad

Like A Dad Card, $5, Etsy

As with stepfathers, you may have other male role models in your life who have loved and supported you like a dad, perhaps even in the absence of your real father's presence. Show them how much you appreciate it with this sweet card.


For The Dad Who Has All The Best Qualities

DAD Card, $5, Etsy

This elegant card uses four amazing qualities (loving, funny, kind, selfless) to describe your dad. The printing design leaves a heart around the word DAD. What grown man wouldn't tear up at this sentimental card, especially once you elaborate on his awesome traits in your interior message?


For The Father Of Young Children

Superhero Card, $4, Etsy

This message could be delivered from children of all ages, but it would be especially poignant as a Father's Day card from a little boy or girl who worships their dad like a superhero.


For The Dad Who Needs A Decoration For His Office

Personalized Deer Card, $7, Etsy

This wooden father's day card can be preserved as an ornamental object for Dad's desk. Choose the number of deer and add your children's names. This would be especially fitting for a dad who's into hunting and/or the outdoors.


For The Dad Of Two

"First" Card, $4, Etsy

The traditionally gendered messages on this card won't be for everyone, but some fathers would be touched to receive a card that incorporates the roles they play in both of their children's lives. If you have one child, you can also order a card with only one of the greetings.


For The Dad Who Passed On His Love Of Words

Father Definition Card, $5, Etsy

Is your dad an English teacher, grammar nerd, or avid reader? If so, he'll love this dictionary-style card that can be personalized with his name after "see also". Also choose between son and daughter.


For The Dad Who Lives Across An Ocean

All The Hugs In The World Card, $4, Etsy

You don't necessarily have to live on another continent to send your dad this Father's Day card, but its message will be especially meaningful to a parent who may be physically far away but is always close to your heart.


For The Grandfather Who Gives The Best Advice

Life Doesn't Come With A Manual Card, $4, Etsy

If your grandfather loves to share the wisdom he's gleaned from a life well lived, he'll be touched by this card confirming his status as the ultimate guru in your life.


For The Dad Celebrating His First Father's Day

First Father's Day Card, $18, Etsy

Make your husband or partner's first Father's Day special with this personalized and keepsake card. He can hang the photo somewhere in his office or use it as a Christmas tree ornament.


For The Dad Who Cherishes Kids' Artwork

Color In Card, $3, Etsy

Dads can be as cuddly as teddy bears, as this sentimental card illustrates. It awaits adorable personalization from your little artist(s) at home.