Two Rocketbook Wave smart, microwavable, magically erasing notebooks and a mobile phone

13 Father's Day 2017 Gifts From Amazon Prime

With Father's Day quickly approaching, I've found myself struggling with what to get my dad and brother-in-law. Since my busy schedule usually prevents me from being able to head to the mall and look around, it's more convenient for me to get my Father's Day 2017 gifts from Amazon Prime.

If you weren't aware, Amazon Prime gives you the option of receiving your purchase within two days for free. Of course, you have to sign up to receive the benefits, but if you regularly shop with Amazon, the $99 annual fee (or $11/month) will totally be worth it. As an added incentive, first-time users can receive a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial membership — which is perfect for those looking to nab quick gifts this Father's Day.

Though every item on Amazon won't qualify for Amazon Prime delivery, there are still many items that will. From headphones to laptops, the types of products you can find are endless. Even if you're not sure what to get dad this year, Amazon has a plethora of best sellers lists that you can browse for inspiration.

So, whether you're waiting until the last-minute or just not interested in dealing with the crowds at the malls, these 13 Amazon Prime products will give you an idea of what you can get dad this year.


Crosley Portable Turntable

Crosley Portable Turntable, $146, Amazon

If your dad prefers to listen to his music on vinyl, he'll love Crosley's portable turntable as a gift this year. Equipped with fold out speakers, dad will be able to enjoy his classic vinyl whenever he likes and can even turn them into MP3s.


LG Gram

LG Gram Touchscreen Laptop, $1,000, Amazon

Ready to turn Dad's tech game up a notch? Gifting him with the LG Gram can do just that. Lightweight and touchscreen, this affordable laptop will be the perfect gift for any dad that loves his gadgets.


'The Overly Honest Baby Book' by Dawn Dais

The Overly Honest Baby Book, $9, Amazon

Whether he's a first-time dad or on his third little one, The Overly Honest Baby Book is a great gift to deliver this Father's Day. This funny and sweet book helps him mark down all the first's with his little one.


Tivoli Audio Model One Digital

Tivoli Audio Model One Digital Clock, $299, Amazon

Give dad the gift of style, technology, and audio quality with the Tivoli Audio Model One Digital clock. Delivering a modern spin on a classic FM radio design, dad can also enjoy his tunes by connecting his device through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Rocketbook Wave

Rocketbook Wave, $27, Amazon

Noted as the first smart, microwavable, magically erasing notebook, the Rocketbook Wave is an optimal gift for the dad that loves to write. Whether he's taking notes for work or just jotting down his thoughts, the Rocketbook Wave lets dad save his notes from the book straight to any cloud service he prefers. When he's used up all of the pages in the book, he can just pop it in the microwave to erase.


Nuvanna Mattress

Nuvanna Core Queen Mattress, starts at $890, Amazon

If you're looking for a way to help dad relax this year, getting him a new mattress just might be the way to do it. A bed in a box, the Nuvanna mattress is an affordable and convenient option for mattress purchasing and gives dad 100 nights to try for free. If after the 100 nights he decides he doesn't want to keep it, returns are donated to the Salvation Army.


TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf Rangefinder, $180, Amazon

A great gift for the dad who loves to golf, the TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf Rangefinder will have dad jumping for joy during his next trip to the range.


Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra, $110, Amazon

Give your dad a gift that keeps on giving with the Roku Ultra. Equipped with voice search, this media player will let dad stream his favorite TV shows and movies right to his TV without needing cable.


Polaroid Cube+ WIFI Lifestyle Action Camera

Polaroid Cube+, $130, Amazon

Perfect for the adventurous dad, the Polaroid Cube+ gives dad the ability to capture his fun wherever he goes. With the ability to mount the cube almost anywhere, this will definitely be a gift he'll always remember.


IceMule Pro Cooler

IceMule Pro Cooler, $100, Amazon

Whether your dad loves to hike, fish, or tailgate, the IceMule Pro Cooler is a fitting gift to give. Keeping contents cold for up to 24 hours, the unique easy-to-carry bag can hold up against rough elements.


Keurig K250

Keuring K250, $120, Amazon

Does your dad love his coffee in the morning? He's sure to appreciate the Keurig K250.


Orvis Practicaster

Orvis Practicaster, $40, Amazon

If you want to help dad nail the perfect cast for his next fishing trip, get him the Orvis Practicaster this Father's Day. With this gift, he'll be able to practice his cast anywhere and develop the perfect technique to grab the big fish.


Canon EOS M6

Canon EOS M6 with 15-45mm Lens, $899, Amazon

The Canon EOS M6 with 15-45mm lens is an ideal gift for any dad who's looking to take his photography skills to the next level. Including a touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi2, and Bluetooth technology, this camera is an awesome pick this Father's Day.