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Here Are The Shows & Movies Debuting On Netflix In August

Netflix wants to make sure you're never without a million fascinating things to watch, which means they're always introducing something new to the lineup. Every month feels like a holiday when there's new movies to watch and new shows to catch up on. Whether you're looking for something you've never seen before or a surge of nostalgia, you've got options. These 13 movies and shows coming to Netflix in August prove that.

Maybe you want to settle in with a charming romantic comedy on a late summer night; perhaps you're interested in watching an informative documentary. Whatever you need to stay entertained for the rest of the summer can be found on Netflix. That's the beauty of it: your queue might be endless at this point, but it's also full of endless possibilities. There's no telling how many gems are just waiting for you to discover them. This isn't the full list of every single movie and series making its debut on Netflix in just a couple of short weeks, but these are some of the most intriguing ones. Get ready to rearrange that queue, because you're going to have to make room for some new films and shows.

Without further ado, here are some highlights coming to Netflix in August.

Like Father (August 3)


After Kristen Bell's protagonist is left at the altar in Like Father, she impulsively decides to go on her honeymoon cruise anyway and takes her estranged father with her. The Netflix original film explores their complicated relationship as Bell's character reels from her breakup.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (August 10)


Based on the novel of the same name by Mary Ann Shaffer, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society brings a much-loved book to life with actress Lily James in the lead role.

Zion (August 10)


Zion is a ten-minute documentary film by Floyd Russ about the wrestler Zion Clark, who was born without legs. It may be a short film, but it's well worth the watch.

All About The Washingtons (August 10)


The comedy series All About the Washingtons follows its titular family after their dynamic gets a shake-up: dad Joey is a hip hop mogul who has just retired, which allows his wife Justine to leave him with the kids while she pursues her own career.

Insatiable (August 10)


This is a controversial one. The trailer for Insatiable sparked a lot of backlash because people felt it was fat-shaming the lead character and enforcing negative stereotypes. The showrunner and stars insisted the show was only trying to explore those things through satire. You can decide how you feel when the show premieres.

La Casa De Las Flores (August 10)


La Casa de las Flores is a Spanish-language series about a dysfunctional rich family who run a flower shop together. Described by Netflix as a "dark comedy," it might serve you all the laughs and drama you're looking for.

Voltron: Legendary Defender, Season 7 (August 10)


Voltron: Legendary Defender has earned itself quite a fanbase, and it's the kind of thing the whole family can enjoy together. If you've never watched it, you can catch up before Season 7. If you're impatient for the new season to debut, then you don't have long to wait.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (August 17)


To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a young adult romantic comedy with an adorably horrifying premise: in one fell swoop, all of Lara Jean's crushes find out that she likes them and she suddenly has to deal with the fallout. It's based on the first book in a trilogy by Jenny Han.

Disenchantment (August 17)


If you loved Futurama, then you can't miss Matt Groening's new series Disenchantment. It promises to subvert traditional fantasy tropes, which means it could provide a new take on a familiar genre.

Follow This (August 23)


Follow This is a docuseries created by Netflix and Buzzfeed News that gives viewers an inside look at how journalists get to the bottom of their stories.

The Innocents (August 24)


In The Innocents, teen couple June and Harry go on the run. But the story soon proves to be much bigger than a case of runaway teenage affection, as June is guarding a supernatural secret.

The Good Place, Season 2 (August 28)


After the twist at the end of Season 1 caught viewers of The Good Place by surprise, Season 2 took things to another level. The characters had to figure out how to navigate the brand new situation they'd found themselves in — and devise a way to get out of it. Frustrated by the vagueness of my summary? Season 2 will explain everything.

Ozark, Season 2 (August 31)


Fans of Ozark Season 1 only have to wait a few more weeks before the story continues in Season 2. If you've never tried the show, then that's more than enough time for you to marathon the early episodes before the new ones arrive.

There are so many shows and movies coming to Netflix in August that you'll always have something to watch.