a toddler and cat napping together on a bed
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These 14 Pics Of Toddlers & Cats Will Instantly Improve Your Mood

You've probably heard that dogs are man's best friend, but maybe the saying really should be that cats are toddler's best friends (furever). You may not think of cats as especially cuddly creatures (and some are not) but these 14 pictures of toddlers and cats together prove that kitties can be loyal buddies, too.

Cats are sometimes thought to be selfish, bizarre creatures (as anyone who's seen the movie Cats can attest) but it turns out that many do care about the feelings of their humans. Cats may even try to comfort you if you're feeling sad, as Romper previously reported, so it makes sense that sometimes cats and kids have an instant bond.

If you're getting a new furry friend and are worried about how your newest family member will react to your kiddo, you can have your child "hold out one finger and allow the cat to sniff it," American Humane advises. "If [the cat] tries to rub your finger, that is a great sign! If she backs away or hisses, she is not comfortable. Never force a cat into a situation she isn’t comfortable with — this could spell disaster for the cat and the human."

From gazing out the window together to "sharing" snacks, and of course, lots of cat naps, these 15 pictures of cats and toddlers prove that sometimes kitties make the best of friends.


A Sweet Stare Down

Even seeing just their profile, you can tell this little one is grinning while petting their best bud. The cat looks pretty psyched about it, too.


Kitty Snuggles

Is there anything cuter than babies hugging animals? I think not, especially when the cat is this fluffy, and the baby this happy.


Snowy Day

I can't get over this sweet duo watching snow fall. I just hope they got to play in it later.


Snack Time

This cat and toddler look like they go way back, and the kitty looks ready for a perfectly halved grape courtesy of their BFF. Friends always share snacks, after all.


No One Puts Kitty In A Corner (Except For Toddlers)

This cat (whose amazing name is Cleopawtra) looks very used to sweet toddler hugs, which I'm guessing won't be stopping anytime soon. Then again, she is pretty much trapped in the corner.


Morning Cuddles

This cat is literally smiling which is just the cutest thing ever, rivaled only by toddler bedhead. So much to smile about in this pic.


Working Hard

Cats make excellent playmates, and they're always down to pretend. I wonder if the cat helped with the amazing peacock painting on the wall.


A Cat On Leopard Print

This photo is so calm, you can just see the trust between toddler and kitty. Plus, you gotta love the tiger-print pants and the leopard-print blanket.


Outdoor Buddies

This multitasking toddler is managing to dig in the garden and give their pet some love as it rests in a cozy, sunny spot. Perhaps she's trying to grow more kitties?


A Cat Nap

Who needs a guard dog when you can have a fluffy feline? This very good cat is making sure nothing comes near their BFF.


Family Snugs

Mom snuggles toddler, toddler snuggles cat, and everyone looks pretty happy about the whole thing. These two also have beautiful eyes in common.


A Watchful Eye

This looks like the coziest cuddle sesh. All I want is for someone to look at me that way this little human looks at her cat.


Catching Some Zzzs

The look on this cat's face seems to say, "don't make me move." These two are a purr-fect pair (sorry).


Giraffes, Toddlers, & Cats

I can't help but laugh every time I look at this cat, so aptly named "Cotton Candy." Everyone here (aside from Sophie the plastic giraffe) looks very comfy.