These Products Will Absolutely Make Your Pregnancy More Comfortable & Enjoyable

Pregnancy is all about excitement, anticipation, gender reveals, showers, babymoons, and following your child's growth. But there's also plenty of nausea, backaches, swelling, itching, and restless nights that go along with all that bliss. That's why every woman who's either pregnant or planning to be should become familiar with the many products that make pregnancy more comfortable. Go ahead and buy them now, drop hints to your family, or at least bookmark them on Amazon so they'll be only a few clicks away when you need relief.

Depending on your pre-baby size, you should expect to gain between 15 and 35 pounds during pregnancy, per WebMD. That's a lot of extra weight in just a few months, and it can take a toll on your legs and back, making it difficult to get around or even lie down without pain. Plus, there are the added joys of morning sickness, hemorrhoids, dry skin and stretch marks, not to mention the challenges of getting dressed when your belly is straining against the waistband of your pants and your favorite heels are now devices of torture.

Luckily, moms-to-be have a plethora of options online or in retail stores that can help them sail through the nine months a little more smoothly. From clothing to candy to high- and low-tech devices, there's something for every need. The sooner you deal with the aches and discomforts, the sooner you can get back to getting psyched about becoming a mom.