These Funny Maternity Halloween Costumes Will Earn You All The Treats

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For a Halloween party when I was expecting, I decorated a large sweatshirt with pawprints and went as a "pregnant paws." No one got the joke. If I'd only known about all the funny maternity Halloween costumes out there, I could have found something that would have made me the hit of the party. (Though I still think my idea was clever. Sigh. Too hip for the room.)

Halloween is a time to let your imagination run wild when coming up with the perfect disguise, and it's even more fun when you have a bump to dress up. Moms-to-be have decorated their bellies as pumpkins, balls (base-, basket-, and 8-), the Star Wars droid BB-8 (via Pinterest), fried eggs, fish bowls, gumball machines, and one of my favorites, the Kool-Aid Man breaking through a wall (as shown on Popsugar). Basically, if it's shaped like a circle, you can adapt it as a maternity costume.

These are some of the more popular humorous pregnancy costumes available for sale (or for you to DIY, if you're so inclined). Whether you choose one of these, or come up with an idea of your own, do try to find something that uses your bump to its best advantage. After all, how many more chances will you have to be pregnant at Halloween — the ultimate treat?


Yummy Mummy

The time-honored mummy costume gets a maternal spin here, with a comfortable stretch ensemble that highlights your belly and a punny slogan that will elicit smiles everywhere you go.


X-Ray Humor

Many maternity costumes take the form of clever T-shirts, which is understandable: They're easy to put on, comfortable, and still get the point across. For instance, this variation on the traditional Halloween skeleton tells the world that you're busy growing another little set of bones in there.


Mommy Kangaroo

Why not bring out your inner animal by dressing as one of the animal kingdom's most devoted moms? This onesie pajama isn't specifically a maternity costume, but in a large size, the little joey on the stomach takes on a deeper meaning as it covers your expanding belly.


Mama Cat

The black-cat costume is always a reliable option if you're pressed for time. (Black shirt and pants, headband with ears, a makeshift tail, a drawn-on set of whiskers — boom, done.) But this suit set takes your game up a notch, thanks to the addition of pawprints and a "Let Meowt" slogan that tells everyone that your kitten is getting impatient.


Jedi Inside

Great with child, are you. Powerful, your offspring will be. Even if you don't know your baby's exact midichlorian count, everyone who knows at least a little of the Star Wars story will suspect that you're incubating a future Jedi.


Generic Costume

You really did hope to make the trick-or-treat rounds as a sexy pirate or a '20s flapper. But ever since the line on the stick alerted you to that baby on board, your odds of fitting into your costume shrank along with your waistline. This funny maternity shirt tells the world that you meant to go all-out for the holiday, but your baby had other ideas.


Super Mom

In years to come, you'll retain your SuperMom title for your ability to read bedtime stories in silly voices, pick all the meat morsels out of the toddler spaghetti meals, and clean up indescribable messes of all sorts without blinking an eye. But for now, you can alert the world that your superhero abilities are ready to be activated from the moment that labor begins.


Bun In The Oven

Tired of everyone patting your belly and cooing over your having a "bun in the oven"? This is your chance to get your revenge. Not only is this costume inventive and funny, it also covers your bump well enough to deter strangers from trying to rub it as if they were your BFF.


Pregosaurus Shirt

Feeling a bit more like a lumbering T-rex with every passing month? Show off your sense of humor about it with this dino-mite tee. If you like, pair it with accessories (like this dinosaur headband, just $3 at Target) and you'll be the fiercest mom on the block.


Escaping Baby

Are you really a mom-to-be? Or are you actually a fiend who's holding a child hostage in there? Leave everyone guessing with this wickedly clever T-shirt.


Demon Child

Or... maybe it's you who's the helpless victim, carrying a demon spawn against your will. Are those horns we see? This set of 3-D bumps sticks onto your belly, creating the illusion of a creature trying to emerge. Cover with a light-colored top, and you're good to go.


Generic Shirt

Not into the whole fancy costume thing? This shirt is for you. You'll get laughs (and sympathy) without having to fuss with makeup or get into a full-size outfit that leaves you sweating.


Avocado Tee

Holy guacamole! This too-cute maternity shirt instantly turns you into an avocado, with your belly as the "pit." For extra effect, you could carry a bag of tortilla chips, or glue some onto a plain headband.


Scary Tee

Little ones, beware! This ghoulishly clever tee from Etsy shop Maternity Tees will tell the world that you're not as sweet as you appear. Hand over the candy, or else.


Chef Duo

Too clever! This matched set casts your partner as a pasta chef, while you become a jar of "Prego" sauce. The set comes complete with a chef's hat, necklace, and aprons (you supply your own shirts and pants).

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