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15 Pregnancy Announcement Instagram Captions That Will Get You All The Awws

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There's nothing quite like telling your friends and family that you're expecting. Thanks to social media, expectant parents can announce their big news to their entire network with just a few hashtags and clicks. From funny and silly to sappy and sweet, these sample pregnancy announcement Instagram captions are the perfect way to get an automatic “aww” out of anyone who sees them.

You can inject a bit of sarcasm or be as clever, cheesy, or sentimental as you like. Whichever way you go, it'll be a lot easier than licking dozens of stamps or making tons of phone calls — though friends and family on your A-list definitely deserve a ring.

Back in 2017, Queen Bey took the pregnancy announcement game to the next level when she took to Instagram to share the news of the latest additions to the Carter family. Her post announcing her pregnancy with twins received over 6 million likes and nearly 340,000 comments within the first eight hours, according to People. And even if you're not quite hitting those numbers, your own pregnancy announcement can go viral throughout your network (and their network's network) pretty quickly.

So if you are looking for some inspiration to help you and your partner come up with a creative way to share your excitement, this list has you covered. From the classic to cute to downright hilarious, there are plenty of great ideas out there that will allow you to express your personality.


"I'm being promoted to big brother/sister."

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To use this adorable announcement idea, snap a pic of your child in a business suit and caption the image with this quote. There's nothing cuter than seeing a toddler dressed up in a professional outfit. Perhaps you could even have them sitting behind a desk or typing on a laptop to get the full impact of the play on the word "promoted."


"Mom and Dad are getting us a human!"

You'll be sure to melt the hearts of everyone in your network when you post a picture of your pooches ready and waiting to meet their human sibling with this Instagram caption. Plus, it's the perfect primer for the adorable newborn photoshoot you plan to have with your doggies once your bundle of joy arrives.


"Every superhero needs a sidekick."

With this caption, you can let your older kid be the one to tell everyone in your social network that they'll soon have a partner in crime. After all, your kid is probably especially excited to have a new family member willing to dress up in a cape and mask without complaint whenever they want to play superheroes.


"Bun in the oven. Bake at 98.6 degrees until ready to pop."

This is a sweet tongue-in-cheek way to announce that you’re expecting on Instagram. You can post a picture of bread, or of yourself posing at a bakery, or at your kitchen counter kneading dough. Or, of course, you could put an actual bun (a hamburger or hot dog bun, perhaps?) in your own oven.


"Pregnancy is the happiest reason ever for feeling like crap."

From relentless aches and pains to morning sickness that happens anytime day or night, pregnancy can be full of moments where you feel less-than-stellar. Anyone who's ever been pregnant can totally relate. Your loved ones will surely find this announcement to be sweet, funny, and also as real as it gets.


"Something's brewing in February 2018."

While you probably won't be drinking as much coffee as usual for awhile, if you’re a coffee-lover, this caption is a sweetly ironic way to announce your pregnancy. You can post a pic of you with your favorite cup of java, or even stage a photoshoot at a local coffee shop to accompany the caption.


"Our family is expanding by two feet."

I’m an absolute sucker for a good pun, and this Instagram announcement caption is no exception. No one, and I mean no one, will be able to resist a photo that includes those tiny little shoes nestled in between your family's feet. It's such a perfect way to capture the fact that your family is growing.


"I think we're going to need a bigger car."

This caption is subtle, but your best pals will totally get the hint. If you're worried that they won't understand the subtext, you could stage a photo trying to cram a car seat into your current car... or you could just say "Hey, guess what? We're having a baby!" (Because if your friends don't get the car seat thing, you might need to just spell it out for them.)


"Guess what? Dad's going to have a new training partner this summer!"

If you or your partner is a runner (yes, you can totally sub out dad for mom) this Instagram caption is the perfect way to announce that you're expecting. Avid runners can share their love for the sport with their baby to be, and again, tiny shoes are always a hit.


"We're adding a new little pumpkin to our patch."

Fall is the perfect season to use a pumpkin reference, but this caption could also work in other seasons by subbing out a different seasonal vegetable for pumpkin and using the word "garden" instead of "patch." Either way, this type of caption gives an adorable nod to your growing family.


"Eat up! My mommy doesn't want to be the only one with a big tummy!"

The sweet treats in your picture could look so delicious that your friends may be distracted by them at first, but give them a minute and they'll realize what you actually mean. This caption could also accompany a picture of your older kids or partner with plenty of sweets around them as a funny way to share your news.


"I'm being evicted to make room for my little sister."

This caption with a photo of your toddler in their crib is a fun way to let your little one announce she's being "kicked out" of the crib to make room for your family's newest addition. Even better if you happen to catch your kid in a particularly grumpy mood to snap the pic.


"She's pregnant, and I'm not the father!"

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Here's an adorable way for same-sex couples to announce their good news. Photo of your partner pointing to your belly with a great big cheesy grin optional.


"Do not open until January 2021"

Posting an otherwise inconspicuous picture of a wine bottle with this caption on social media is sure to grab everyone's attention once they reveal the date together with such a random post. Just be sure not to forget the caption. Otherwise, your friends might think you're inviting them to happy hour.


"The force is with us. Our Empire expands this December."

Stars Wars fans will totally appreciate your ability to make Darth Vader a part of your pregnancy announcement. You could also switch out the word “force” for “fourth” if your newborn will be the fourth member of your family, or your fourth child. (Bonus points if you post about your family’s newest addition on the fourth day of the month.)

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