15 Sentimental Mother's Day 2018 Cards For Moms Who Love To Feel All The Feels

Motherhood and sentimentality go together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter how cool your mom is, all a mother really wants to hear on her special holiday is that you love her, appreciate all she's done for you, and want to be just like her. So save irony and humor for her birthday. These sentimental Mother's Day cards are sure to prompt smiles, hugs, and perhaps even a few happy tears from the most special woman in your life.

If you're someone who likes to use "Hallmark" as a negative adjective (as in "Hallmark holiday" or "Hallmark sentiment"), fear not. These days our options for heartfelt Mother's Day cards range far beyond the card aisle of your local drugstore. Etsy and other online shops make it fun and easy to find a card for your mom that is stylish as well as tender and nostalgic.

Personally, I'd love to receive the first card on this list from my husband and kids. And I'm having trouble choosing the one I'd get for my own mom because there are so many great options. As we live through a period of increasingly negative discourse in our politics and personal lives, let's reserve May 13th to focus on all things hearts and flowers.


For The Mom Who Always Corrected Your Grammar

Mother (Noun) Card ($4, Etsy)

If your mom is a writer, an English teacher, or simply a proud grammar nerd, she'll appreciate the dictionary format of this card as much as its sweet message.


For The Single Mom

All That I Am Card ($4, Etsy)

This simple, pretty card says it all. And while the message could apply to any mother, it would be especially poignant for a mom who worked hard to raise you on her own.


For The Mom Whose Advice You'll Never Stop Needing

Taught Me Everything Card ($5, Etsy)

Does your mom always know best? Show your gratitude for all her wisdom with this beautiful, sentimental card.


For The Mom Who Is Also Your Idol

Like Their Mothers Card ($6, Etsy)

This card takes the classic insult ("You're turning into your mother!") and turns it into a sweet compliment. Any mom will melt to receive this card and know her daughter idolizes her.


For The Mom Who Is Truly One In A Million

Precious And Few Card ($4, Etsy)

Show your mother you think she's a rare gem with this lovely sentiment. The hand painted wooden heart is a nice extra touch.


For The Mom Who Is Also Your Best Friend

Forever My Friend Card ($5, Etsy)

Tell your mom you love having an adult relationship and friendship with her.


For The Mom Who Stayed Home To Raise You

You Are The World Card ($5, Etsy)

Sometimes being a stay-at-home-mom can feel like the most under appreciated job in the world. Remind your mom of the irreplaceable value she brings to the family with this sentimental card.


For The Multi-Tasking Mom

Mothers Are Like Buttons Card ($3, Etsy)

Everyone knows moms are great at multitasking. This sweet card will show your mother how much you appreciate everything she does for you.


For The Mother Who Can't Believe How Fast It Went

Forever Card ($5, Etsy)

Is your mom the type that likes to stop younger mothers in the store to say, "enjoy them while they're small because it all goes so fast"? If so, she'll love this heartfelt reminder that while you no longer need to hold hands to cross the street, you still (and always will) need your mom.


For The Minimalist Mom

Mama I Love You Card ($4, Etsy)

This card manages to be sentimental (the use of "mama" will take her right back to your sweet baby and toddler days) within a simple, clean design that minimalist moms everywhere will love.


For The Mom Who Loves To Garden

If Mothers Were Flowers Card ($4, Etsy)

A metaphor is a greeting card go-to and this one will touch the heart of any green-thumbed mom.


For The Mom Who Makes Your Favorite Dish Every Time You Visit

Every Good Cook Card ($5, Etsy)

For some of us, no meal ever tastes as good as Mom's cooking. Honor the mother and culinary artist in your life with this heartfelt card.


The Sentimental Card That Only Needs To Be Signed

Because Of You Card ($6, Etsy)

If you're a last-minute type of person, this card says it all. All you have to do is sign your name.


For The Mom Who Misses Your Artwork

Love You Card ($5, Etsy)

This partially DIY card will give your mom a trip down memory lane to the days of homemade cards and children's artwork.


For The Mom Who Likes To Cry Happy Tears

All I'll Ever Need Card ($4, Etsy)

What else is there to say about this one except "Aw." It'll make your mom cry tears of joy that she has such a loving child like you.

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