These 22 Clever Couples Halloween Costumes Are Double The Disguise

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Who says kids get to have all the fun on Halloween? If you've got a willing partner at home — or a BFF with a sense of humor — then pairing up with a clever couples Halloween costume set will make the holiday even more fun and memorable (not to mention totally Instagrammable).

Not sure who or what to go as? You can't go wrong with one of the legendary couples of movies and TV: Lucy and Ricky, Homer and Marge, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, Batman and Robin, SpongeBob and Patrick. Professions work well, too: a pair of doctors, construction workers, astronauts, a pilot and plane, a vet and a dog. Double up on traditional Halloween characters: You both could go as ghosts, skeletons, pirates, witches/wizards, zombies.

You don't have to limit yourself to human characters, either. Think of all the things in your world that go together: ketchup and mustard; avocado and toast; salt and pepper; bacon and eggs; chips and salsa; knife and fork; ball and bat; computer screen and keypad. If it doesn't already exist as a premade costume, you can probably DIY it with your own clothes or some craft material.

We found these fun and creative couples costumes online. Buy them directly, or use them as inspiration for a homemade creation. Either way, you'll get lots of attention at the Halloween party or the trick-or-treat route. (You might even get some extra candy for your efforts.)


Nightmare Pair

When it comes to romance at this time of year, the reigning couple has to be Jack Skellington and Sally. Jack may have been a failure at playing Santa Claus, but he still won the heart of the loyal ragdoll-esque Sally. If your family Halloween tradition is watching The Nightmare Before Christmas for the umpteenth time, this is your perfect match.


Red Hot Couple

Let's be frank: No one will be able to ketchup to the two of you if you mustard up the courage to dress as this traditional ballpark pair.


Sole Mates

They say that couples who've been together for a long time are "as comfortable as an old shoe." Get your "kicks" by dressing as a set of casual footwear.


A Whole New World

This year's live-action version of the Disney classic cartoon Aladdin brought Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Genie back onto the radar of a new generation. Indulge your Arabian-night fantasies by dressing as the lamp-rubbing hero and the princess of his dreams.


Prehistoric Match

Talk about retro! Even after all these years, The Flintstones is still a pop-culture favorite. If you love the "modern Stone Age family" and their goofy antics, you can dress as Fred and Wilma for a night. (Foot-operated car not included.)


In The Cards

It's in the cards. This easy-to-slip-on costume set is priced right and gives you both freedom of movement (a plus when going trick-or-treating or navigating a crowded party).


Slice And Brew

If you love being the life of the party, then why not go as two of the most popular party treats? As a slice of pepperoni and a bottle of cold malt beverage, you'll earn approval from all the guests (although they may find themselves getting hungry as they talk to you).


Super Tacky

You've seen these people before. They're the first ones in line at the buffet on the cruise ship, the ones looking for the nearest McDonald's in Rome, and loudly telling everyone how much better things are at home. Honor the obnoxious tourists by stepping into their shoes (or rather, sandals with socks) for a day.


Jolly Elves

In the movie Elf, Buddy is a human raised among Santa's elves who spreads joy and optimism when he returns to New York to find his parents. You'll spread that same delight on Halloween by dressing as Buddy and his lady love, Jovi.


Classic Sandwich

What matches more perfectly than good old-fashioned PB&J? These comfortable foam tunics fit over your own shirt and pants for a quick costume option. The hardest part may be deciding who gets to be the peanut butter and who gets to be the jelly.


"It" Couple

In a cool gender-bending twist, the killer clown Pennywise from Stephen King's novel-turned-movie It is reimagined here as a woman. Your partner can dress as the hapless victim Georgie, complete with "paper" boat.


Cheers To You

Another delicious pairing is this wine and cheese set, sure to get laughs and approval wherever you go. The roomy costumes would be especially handy for you if you're expecting; there's plenty of room to cover a growing baby. (You might not be able to drink any real wine, but at least you can masquerade as the good stuff.)


Eleven And Dustin

Your perfect costume pairing awaits if you haven't yet missed a single episode of Stranger Things. As the psychokinetic Eleven and her friend Dustin, you'll spend Halloween night searching for the secrets of the Upside Down.


Watch Out, Deer

It'll be everyone else who gets that deer-in-the-headlights look when you cruise the neighborhood in this matched set. For full effect, you and your partner should split off periodically, then have your partner freeze in fear when you come closer.


You Do Voodoo

The couple that scares together cares together. Get your creepy on by dressing as a matched set of New Orleans-style voodoo witch doctors, and you'll cast a spell over any party.


They Go Together

Fans of the original 1978 movie Grease will be saying, "You're the one that I want!" at the sight of these costumes. The Sandy outfit contains a full catsuit and jacket, plus belt; the Danny costume is a leather-style jacket that can be worn with a white t-shirt and black jeans.


Dental Duo

These pull-on dental helper outfits are an easy way to get noticed on Halloween night. You can make a game of counting how many moms point at you and tell their children, "That's just what you need after you eat all this candy!"


Spartan Spirit

So what if they didn't make the East Lake High School cheerleading squad? Craig and Arianna still had the Spartan spirit and showed up to root on everyone from the football team to a ping-pong tournament to a maternity ward. If you still have fond memories of SNL's classic sketch, grab these costumes and spend Halloween performing "the Perfect Cheer!"


Hot Shots

So what if neither of you has done a Fireball shot since your college Jell-O shot days? This cinnamon-flavored whisky stirs up memories in us all, and you can relive them this way without actually having to drink the stuff.


Happy Little Couple

The late Bob Ross is still fondly remembered for his TV tutorials on painting, especially the "happy little trees" he managed to put into all his landscapes. This costume combo of Ross and one of his canvases is indeed a masterpiece.


There They Are

Looking for Waldo? Or his friend Wenda? This time, they're easy to find (unless you're at a party where everyone is wearing the same costume).


Morticia And Gomez

Just in time to coincide with the new Addams Family animated film, these full-length costumes from Party City will instantly transform you into the mother and father of the creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky household. (Just be prepared for what might happen if you speak French.)

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