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23 Vintage Photos Of Sisters That Prove Sisterly Bonds Last Forever

The word "sister" is so loaded. Maybe yours is your best friend. Maybe she's the person who drives you the most bonkers. Maybe you two don't get to see each other as often as you'd like. But no matter what, she's probably very important to you, as you are to her. And this dynamic between sisters is absolutely nothing new. Throughout the years, sisters have had special relationships that can't be compared to any other friendship, and these vintage photos of sisters are proof of exactly that.

Looking back at old photos of sisters, even if you have no idea who the people pictured are, can feel really intimate and special. It can make you nostalgic for your own childhood, or it can make you wonder what others will think if they look at photos of you and your sister 50 to 100 years down the line. Plus, it's also just really interesting to see what these sisters are wearing and how they styled their hair so many years ago. (I bet they still fought over the bathroom.)

Whatever your sister means to you, know that there are other sisters all over the world who have spanned generations and understand that bond. Sure, there might be some rocky times between you two, but it's always better to focus on the positive. Look through these photos and see if you can find the stories behind these sisters' relationships.


Three Sisters

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This sepia-toned photo of three sisters sitting together is clearly an antique, and it's so sweet. It somehow manages to capture the bond between three sisters of three different ages. You can tell just by looking at them who the oldest, youngest, and middle child are.


Sisters With Mom

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This beautiful portrait of a mother with her two young daughters is so sweet that it's bound to make you smile. The scene is so familiar: a mom getting work done while her two daughters stay very close by, playing and entertaining each other. (And occasionally getting in the way.)


Older Sisters

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It's hard to tell how old this image is, but it looks like it's pretty old! I love that these four sisters are adults and all look slightly annoyed to be taking a photo but, at the same time, you can see that they feel comfortable and happy with each other.


Dancing Sisters

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There is something so lovely about this photo that depicts three sisters dancing joyfully without a care in the world. With their flower crowns and flowing white dresses, they almost look cherubic together.


Sister Similarities

Michael Ochs Archives/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

You can tell these three women are sisters because of the similarities between them, but you can also tell that they each have their own distinct personalities. I'm obsessed with all three of their outfits and accessories, too.



Gilles Hosch / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

This seemingly candid shot of two young sisters standing over a beautiful scenic background is lovely. To me, it shows two sisters having a good time, stuck in their imagination, and maybe having some sort of adventure.



United Archives/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

These two sisters have to be identical twins, right? They look almost exactly alike, even if one is rocking bangs while the other isn't. The best touch is that they're both wearing the same adorable coat.


Sisters & Friends

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These sisters obviously have an age gap going on, but they're clearly still close to each other — look how they're posing! They both look happy and relaxed, and I'd love to know the story behind this sweet photo.


Almost Twins

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This photo from the 1960s shows two sisters having a great time. It looks like they're posing in a restaurant booth, and I wonder if this was a night of sweet memories for them.


Biking Together

Patrice PICOT/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Don't these two look like they're having so much fun together?


Playing Sisters

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Look at these outfits! These adorable sisters might not be the same age, but they're still able to play together and have so much fun. And the coordinating jackets are the best. I feel like every person at home has a photo just like this with their own sibling. Such a sweet capture of a fleeting moment in time.


With Dad

Martin Mills/Archive Photos/Getty Images

This lovely photo of two young sisters with their dad is obviously a really sweet memory, even if we don't know the full story behind it. (Although it does look like they're posing near the Washington Monument in D.C.) It's so cute how they have the same jackets on, and how happy the father is.


Two Sweet Sisters

Nextrecord Archives/Archive Photos/Getty Images

See, we've been forcing our children to pose together for literal years. These two sisters are wearing the same big white dresses and black boots, and their faces look nearly identical.


Identical Twins

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OK, these two definitely have to be identical twins. They have the same smiles, the same eyes, the same chins, and even the same eyebrows. The only differences are the slight change in hairstyles and the different sweaters. I wonder if they had that cool twin mind connection, too.


Four Sisters

Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

This adorably goofy photo shows that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still have so much fun with your sisters.


Walking Together

Michael Ochs Archives/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

I love how simple and sweet this photo is. It seems candid (although it could be an old-fashioned planned photo), like maybe they were coming home from school together, sharing all their sister secrets.


Ice Cream Time

ullstein bild Dtl./ullstein bild/Getty Images

What's better than enjoying a huge treat with your sister in a beautiful setting? Almost nothing! This photo is fun and sweet, and you can tell there's a cute story behind it. (Maybe at one of the Disney theme parks?)


Together Forever

Archive Photos/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Look. At. Those. Dresses. Imagine trying to steal one of these out of your sister's closet.


Matching Outfits

H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Archive Photos/Getty Images

It's so cute when sisters wear matching outfits. This photo shows two young sisters in the same blue pants, delicate tank tops, and brown loafer shoes. They even have the same blue ribbons in their long ponytails. That beachball makes me think they're on vacation, but this could just be a fun afternoon in a park.


Older Sisters

Fairfax Media Archives/Fairfax Media Archives/Getty Images

I love how these two sisters look so much alike, and yet you can tell that they're probably pretty different from each other. There's something about the style of each sister that just makes it seem like they are opposites.


Adventure Is Out There

Fairfax Media Archives/Fairfax Media Archives/Getty Images

This has to be an airport right? There are few things better than an adventure with your sister, and I love that someone captured this moment with two sisters in their striped socks.


Happy Together

H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Archive Photos/Getty Images

These two sisters look very close in age, if not the same age, and they also look so happy to be sitting and posing together -— you can't fake those smiles! The vintage haircuts with super short bangs are the best part, along with the smocked dresses.


Royal Sisters

Print Collector/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

I couldn't resist putting in this old photo of Queen Elizabeth with her sister, Princess Margaret, standing on either side of Prince Philip. This is an old photo for sure, but you can still see glimpses of who they are today.