30 Times Kate Middleton Was A Regular Mom & Made Us Love Her Even More

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As a mom, it can be easy to wish that things could be a little different. Maybe if you could afford a staff to do the cooking and cleaning things would be easier. But then we have examples of women who do "have it all" and still show us that parenting is pretty dang relatable any way you slice it. For example, there are many times that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was just a regular mom, proving that no matter how lofty your life may seem, kids will always be kids.

Middleton is one of the most admired women in the world. As a philanthropist and royal, she has influence and reach far beyond the norm. She attends royal events frequently, shows up to support her family, and does it all with grace, style, and the most impossibly perfect hair we’ve ever seen. But perhaps her proudest and most important accomplishment is mothering her three adorable children with Prince William.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are undoubtedly the lights of her life, but just because they’re royals doesn’t mean they’re always prim and proper. Any parent can tell you: all children, regardless of title, can be a royal pain in the butt. And so, like us poor commoners, Middleton still deals with tantrums, meltdowns, and bad days — and she does it all on a world stage. And here are just a few examples of moments when Middleton was a down-to-earth mom, just like the rest of us.

When She Was Everyone's Mom

Sharing snacks with a group of kids at an outdoor event earlier this year, Middleton has that look of a happy mom who delights in hearing the sweet stories kids are famous for telling.

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When She Served As Her Daughter's Shield

Every mom knows the feeling of a shy child trying to hide behind them. And on Princess Charlotte’s first day of school in 2019, the little royal ducked behind her mom’s skirt to try and escape the moment. We've all been that skirt (though probably a less chic skirt... maybe a pair of stained yoga pants instead of a skirt...)

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Every Time She Takes Photos Of Her Kids

The Duchess of Cambridge is a pretty accomplished photographer and loves to take snaps of her kids. Every time she shares them with the public, she’s clearly that proud parent who wants the world to delight in her the adorableness of her children the same way she does.

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When She Took Control Of Her Daughter's Tantrum

Princess Charlotte had a bit of a moment during a trip in Hamburg, Germany in 2017. The Duchess of Cambridge nipped things in the bud, though, presumably with a quick word that she knew would help calm her daughter.

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When She Reminded Her Daughter Of Good Manners

At a charity sailing event Princess Charlotte got a bit cheeky with the crowd, sticking out her tongue. Middleton gently turned her away — whomst among us isn't familiar with the firm arm grab/smile-while-angry-whispering-a-warning move? We all do it.

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When She Busted Out Her Mom Face

We all do this one, too. Middleton’s kids weren’t the only ones hamming it up for the cameras during her sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding in May 2017. But the duchess wasn’t having it, and took to reel in the adorable wedding party with an uncharacteristically stern expression. But we moms see you, duchess, and we stand in solidarity.

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When She Soaks Up Those "Simple Family Moments"

Even though she’s the Duchess of Cambridge, Middleton lives for the simple things. In May 2018, she penned a letter of support for one of her patronages, a hospice, and noted that "spending quality time together is such an important aspect of family life and for me, as a mother, it is the simple family moments like playing outside together that I cherish."

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When She Made A Relatable Shopping Mistake

It’s easy to compare yourself to others and feel less than perfect from time to time, so it's comforting to hear that, yes, other moms make mistakes, too. Even Kate Middleton. On a shopping trip to buy school shoes for her kids, Middleton apparently forgot to bring socks, according to Hello! Magazine. Since the kids were wearing sandals, they reportedly had to borrow from the store, just like the rest of us do.

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When She Couldn't Resist Feeding A Cute Lamb

Once a mom, always a mom. And who would pass up a chance to bottle feed a baby animal? When Middleton visited a charity farm in 2017, she didn’t pass up the opportunity to feed an adorable little lamb.

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When She Comforted A Fussy Prince Louis

Even decked out in her finest at a national event, Middleton still had to take a minute to focus on her fussy son, Prince Louis. Looks like mama’s comfort and a belly tickle made everything better.

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When She Consoled A Tired Prince George

Perhaps frightened by all the noise, Prince George, looking a little tired, had a bit of a moment at the Royal International Air Tattoo, the world’s largest air show. Middleton got down to her son's level to comfort him and surely helped him feel better.

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When She Taught Her Daughter About The Royal Life

At the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Middleton was photographed with her daughter Princess Charlotte. It appeared that the Duchess of Cambridge was perhaps encouraging her little girl to smile for the cameras.

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When She Couldn't Resist An Adorable Baby

Even though she’s a royal, nothing can stop a mom from making goofy faces when talking to an adorable, itty bitty baby. For their part, adorable babies cannot help being adorable around adults making silly faces. It's a beautiful cycle.

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When She Encouraged Her Kids To Be Independent

It can be easy to do everything for your kids, but that’s not how they grow and learn, of course. And Middleton displayed herself encouraging her kids to be independent when they were disembarking from an aircraft. Sure, it probably would have been easier for Middleton to just carry Princess Charlotte down the stairs, but letting her slowly navigate them for herself is an important part of development and mom seemed more than happy to let her take her time.

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When She Wiped Her Son's Drool On Her Dress

Prince George got so excited during a visit to an animal sanctuary that he had a bit of that baby drool going on. With no other options, Middleton just wiped it off with her hand and then discretely dried her hand on the hem of her dress, according to the Daily Mail.

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When She Let The Kids Be Kids

Since she’s always in the public eye, it might be tempting to try and corral the children she’s around and make them sit still and behave. But Middleton always seems to delight in the antics of the kids she’s around and never fails to let them have their fun, like they did on their way to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in May 2018.

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When She Fixed Her Son's Hair

Kids are bound to mess up their perfectly styled outfits and hair and whatnot as soon as they step out of the door. And at the Trooping the Colour in 2017, Middleton dealt with a similar snafu, discreetly smoothing her son Prince George’s hair out of his face so he’d be camera-ready. What mom hasn’t done this affectionate move?

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When She Spoke Of The Hardships

At an event for the Heads Together initiative, Middleton spoke about some of the trials of motherhood. "It is lonely at times,” she said, according to People. "You do feel quite isolated. But actually so many other mothers are going through exactly what you’re going through.” Even the royal ones.

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When She Packed Snacks

Every mom, even the royal ones, knows the value of having snacks on hand. Truly, it's the difference between a successful outing and a spectacular disaster. At a royal charity match, Middleton was photographed busting out some tupperware with Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte waiting patiently for a quick bite.

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When She Let Prince Louis Play With Her Sunglasses

What mom doesn't enjoy watching their toddler wobble around in their high heels or try on their huge sunglasses? The Duchess of Cambridge certainly does, as she was photographed letting Prince Louis try on her shades at a charity polo event.

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When She Had A Day Out With Prince George

Like all alert mamas, Middleton watched on carefully as her son Prince George played on a hill at a charity polo match. Excellent form on that downward facing dog, kiddo.

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Whenever She Dresses Kids Up In Hand-Me-Downs

Middleton is one thrifty mama. Over the years, she's dressed her three kids in hand-me-downs. One example comes from this photo of Prince George; years later, Middleton dressed her youngest son Prince Louis in the same little jumper, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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When She Had To Go Through A Pandemic Just Like The Rest Of Us

In a Zoom chat with fellow parents addressing how COVID-19 was affecting them (and how they’re coping), Middleton described pandemic parenting as “exhausting.”

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When She Admitted She Doesn’t Always Have The Answers

In a video posted to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official Instagram page, Middleton took time to answer some questions about her ‘Five Big Questions Survey.’ One curious user asked how the future queen handles tantrums to which she laughingly replied “That's a hard one. I'd also like to ask the experts myself."

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When She Clicked "Add To Cart"

Once her kids go to bed, People reports that Middleton enjoys relaxing the same way we do: online shopping and watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. (Do they sell historically significant tiaras on Amazon…?)


When She Put Her Kids On A Budget

When Middleton brought her children into a London children’s store, Twitter user @lexifl1980 shared the inside scoop about the royal visit. “The kids had a budget that they stuck to and paid for their own things with their own money. Just normal well brought up children and a normal parent trying to do the right thing and that’s just lovely!”

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When She Talked About Mom Guilt

During an interview on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, Middleton was asked whether she ever felt “mom guilt.” “Yes absolutely,” she said. “And anyone who doesn’t as a mother is actually lying. Yes — all the time."

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When You Just Can't Take Her Anywhere

When Middleton and Prince William stopped in Cardiff, Wales to speak to university students, they roasted marshmallows… which she promptly got all over her nice gloves. It was for sure a mom move.

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When She Rolled Up Her Sleeves And Did Things Herself

Middleton became her own hair stylist during the pandemic... and her children’s as well. “Much to my children's horror,” she joked during a Zoom chat with the head teacher of her children’s school, as Hello! Magazine reported.


Every Time She Beams At Her Precious Children

Middleton's fondness for her children shows through so well. She has a gaze that she turns on for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis that just lights up her face and shows the world just how proud she is to be their mom.

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