36 Photos Of Princess Charlotte's Most Adorable Looks Over The Years

by Azure Hall and Lindsay E. Mack
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The royal family is always dressed to the nines, regardless of the occasion, even down to the littlest members. For instance, Kate Middleton and Prince William's only daughter has been photographed wearing her fair share of cute clothes and these photos of Princess Charlotte's most adorable looks over the years show that the little royal is a budding style icon.

More often than not, Princess Charlotte is photographed wearing a dress, and that is by design. Rachel Riley, a children's designer who has dressed Prince George in the past, told The Telegraph that Middleton dresses Princess Charlotte in dresses to keep her from looking "out of date." Similarly, royal expert Royal Musings blog founder Marlene Koenig told Harper's Bazaar that young female royals are dressed in a "clean, traditional look." "If you look at photos of young royal girls — from Princess Anne to Charlotte, you will notice that they tend to wear smocked dresses as little girls when they are in public with their parents," she told the magazine.

In recent family photos, Princess Charlotte can be seen wearing denim overalls, but that's about as close as she gets to running around in trousers. All of those little dresses sure do look cute, though. Let's take a look at some of her best looks.

The Christening Gown

Like other members of the family, Princess Charlotte wore the famous christening gown to her christening. The current gown is a recreation of a gown that dates back to Queen Victoria, according to Town & Country.

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Baby Knits

A precious bundle, Princess Charlotte laid swaddled in knit clothes and blankets as a wee baby.

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Matching Shoes And Dress

Princess Charlotte is color-coordinated with her mom in a blush pink gown and leather shoes.

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A Little Bow

Princess Charlotte's hair is often pinned back in a little bow that matches the colors in her dress.

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Matching Her Candy Cane

The world collectively sighed "aww" when Princess Charlotte walked out of a Christmas service with a candy cane. But her whole outfit that day was also worth gushing over.

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The Queen Of Cardigans

Queen Elizabeth may be the Queen of England, but Princess Charlotte is the Queen of Cardigans. Mom Kate Middleton has been layering them over her little dresses from the get-go.

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Cardigan And A Bow

Little bow? Check. Dress? Check. Cardigan? Check. Matching shoes? Check. This outfit includes all of Princess Charlotte's favorite pieces.

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Button Up

Every little stylista needs help from her mom now and again.

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Her 2nd Birthday

Princess Charlotte wore an adorable yellow cardigan in celebration of her second birthday.

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Matching Mom, Again

Yet another instance when Princess Charlotte was color-coordinated with her mom, the whole family was dressed in blue for this outing.

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Stop And Smell The (Daisies)

I'm not sure what's cuter here, Princess Charlotte's outfit or her sniffing the little bouquet of flowers.

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Another Look At The Family In Blue

Another look at the family dressed in all blue, this time to call attention to her adorable little shoes and socks.

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Pretty In Pink

Another sweet little dress for Princess Charlotte, this time in a polka-dot pink.

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Red And White

Princess Charlotte shines in a bright red and white dress with matching shoes.

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Ready For Nursery School

Perhaps my favorite Princess Charlotte look to date, she looked like a little lady in the red coat she posed ahead of her first day at nursery school.

Kensington Palace/ Twitter

Her Iconic Wave

Princess Charlotte's favorite accessory is her iconic little wave to the public.

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An Actual Angel

Dressed in white head-to-toe, Princess Charlotte looked like an actual angel with a flower headband at the wedding of Meaghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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Matching Her Brother

Princess Charlotte and Prince George looked like twins in their matching waistbands.

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Running Barefoot And Free

Just because she wears adorable little dresses doesn't mean Princess Charlotte doesn't know how to play.

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Another Little Wave

Princess Charlotte wears a red bow that complements the little flowers on her dress.

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A Green Coat

Princess Charlotte's forest green peacoat is peak fashion.

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Her School Uniform

Yes, it's her uniform for Thomas's Battersea, but tell me Princess Charlotte doesn't look adorable in this getup before her first day of school!

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A Little Bit Of Attitude

The dress screams little angel, but the tongue shows Princess Charlotte is all attitude.

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This dress and sandals combo screams summertime fun.

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She doesn't always wear dress shoes. In this look, Princess Charlotte is wearing some sweet sneakers with her little blue dress.

Kensington Royal/ Twitter

A Classic Look

This dress looks like it came straight out of Kate Middleton's own closet and I am about it.


The denim overalls in this family photo come pretty close to shaking things up outside her set wardrobe of dresses.

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Red Carpet

Attending a special performance at London's Palladium Theatre, Princess Charlotte wore a plaid dress with slight ruffles at the sleeves.

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Holiday Card

This 2020 Christmas card from Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is a gorgeous pic of the whole family. Princess Charlotte’s sweater and boots getup is perfectly cozy. Even more impressive: the photographer got three kids under the age of 8 to look at the camera at once.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/Kensington Palace/PA/WPA Pool/Shutterstock

With Grandma & Grandpa

In a 2018 photograph released soon after Prince Philip’s passing in April 2021, the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh are shown with seven of their great-grandchildren. Princess Charlotte is front and center with her pastel dress, socks, and red shoes, casually holding Prince Louis’ hand.

The Duchess of Cambridge via PA Wire/WPA Pool/Shutterstock

Something Blue

When dressed to attend brother Prince Louis’ christening, Princess Charlotte wore blue from head to toe. Even her Mary Janes and headband match her soft blue dress.

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This sweet blue dress appears to have pink smocking throughout, and what looks like a little pink bow in the back. Both mom and Princess Charlotte are thrilled with the blue cardigan.

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Let It Snow

OK, but how adorable is this family ski trip photo? Princess Charlotte is precious in her snow-white snowsuit with matching mittens and a fuzzy pink hat.

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A Sea Of Royal Blue

It looks like this whole family loves the color blue. Here Princess Charlotte wears a light blue dress with a pattern that complements her mom’s blue frock. It makes for a coordinated family photo that isn’t too matchy-matchy.

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The Queen's Mini-Me

Doesn’t she look like a mini version of the Queen in this pic? The sweet navy peacoat is perfect for a royal six-year-old.

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