These 5 'Peppa Pig' Halloween Specials Are Too Cute To Spook

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There are few things more fun to watch than holiday-themed TV. No matter the holiday, seeing our favorite characters in familiar celebration is always good fun. It’s that time of year again for awesome Halloween specials and there's one show you should be sure to put on your list. Both you and your little ones will love these Peppa Pig Halloween specials which are so much more fun than fright.

If you’re not familiar with Peppa Pig, it’s a British animated production that airs on Nick Jr. about an adorable little pink pig and her family. They love playing in mud puddles, but besides that they’re about as normal and adorable as a family can be. And, just like us, they love celebrating Halloween. The creators have made a few very special episodes and since they are only 5 minutes long, they are easy and fun to watch.

The best way to find out all the Halloween episodes is to head on over to YouTube and do a search for “Peppa Pig Halloween.” You’ll find a playlist of shows on the official show channel that the show has designated as Halloween specials. These are compilations of multiple episodes and they form stories about the Halloween holiday, but here are some of the best.

Peppa Pig’s Halloween Party

In this segment, Peppa and her family get ready for the Halloween night festivities. With interludes for skills like counting and coloring this is truly a preschool age special, rife with Peppa’s fun giggles and lots of fun Halloween imagery.

The Spooky Night

This special teaches kids about how a power outage works while also providing some spooky fun. Because it’s a show for small children, there aren’t any frights, but rather moments that teach kids how to make up games when there is no electricity. The kids also go an adventures camping and exploring, and learn how to help someone in medical need.

Trick or Treat?

The children gather up their friends for a Halloween party and marvel over on another’s costumes. Later they learn about all kinds of animals, including spiders!

Halloween Dress Up

This is one that starts out with a Halloween dress up segment, but quickly follows with coloring, naming and labeling segments. It’s definitely a treat for the very youngest viewers who are just learning to identify objects and colors.

Pumpkin Competition

When Peppa’s playgroup holds a pumpkin carving contest, her grandfather goes all in to make sure she has the best entry. The only question is, how to get it to the competition?

These are just a few of the suggestions that arise when you search Halloween on the Peppa Pig Official Channel, but they were some of my personal favorites. Scroll through at will and see what else you discover. There is so much goodness in this pint-size pig and her friends that it’s hard to miss. And keep an eye out for all the best Halloween programing that’s coming out now. Even if they’re the same shows we grew up with, they are well worth another watch.

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