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Make These Realistically Royal Prince George Halloween Costumes For Under $30

With two weddings, a new baby for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and one on the way for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, 2018 has been quite a whirlwind for England's royal family. Naturally, they've all been impeccably dressed for it all — even (especially!) the dashing and dapper Prince George. In fact, you're probably tempted to dress your own little guy in similarly proper togs, but it's not always practical... except on Halloween, of course, when anything goes. And believe it or not, you can put together a Prince George Halloween costume for under $30!

Just like other members of the royal family, little George adheres to some pretty strict fashion rules when he's out on the town with his parents. Remember how surprised everyone was to see him wear pants to his Uncle Harry's wedding? That's because traditionally, upper-class boys adhered to the "shorts for boys, pants for men" rule that set them apart from others, as Business Insider explained. The knee socks, playsuits and smocking add up to a very traditional look for little boys that is highly photographable for him, but can do double-duty for kids whose fashion rules are a bit more lax. Paw Patrol t-shirts are great, but it's nice to see your kids pressed and tucked once in a while, right? All Hallow's Eve might be your chance. Some of his fancier looks, like his knickerbockers and stockings at Pippa Middleton's wedding, can't be achieved easily on a budget. Still, if your little boy cleans up well but you don't often have the chance to do it, you can consider Halloween as your excuse to have him play prince of the realm for just one night.


George As A School Boy

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Prince George made moms' hearts go pitter-patter when he stepped out in his school uniform with Dad and little sister. He looks like such a studious boy here!


George Goes Festive

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Props to Princess Eugenie for adding wardrobe elements for her little attendants that packed a punch: sashes and cummerbunds based off artist Mark Bradford's painting, "Here," which played nicely with Prince George's blue velvet pants. You won't be able to track down the exact same cummerbund, but you can sub a similarly colorful option.


George The Tourist

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When you're an actual prince, this is what counts as comfortable travel attire while boarding a private jet with your parents for a royal tour. (Beats piling kids onto an early flight in their pajamas, though.)


Prince George As An Officer

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They're the pants seen around the world! Prince George is looking very dapper as his dad's mini-me at his Uncle Harry's wedding. Your kiddo will look very official in this uniform.


Prince George In Sweater Weather

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The knee socks and short pants combo is just so charming, and that crisp little collar is too adorable to even handle. Plus, how cute would this be on Thanksgiving?


Prince George Has Christmas Spirit

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It's doubtful whether he was actually trying to stay on the nice list in this outfit, but you can certainly let your little one have a little Christmas flair as Prince George, right?