7 Genius Hacks To Prevent Boob Sweat

Summer is just around the corner and temperatures are guaranteed to rise. Although everyone will become a victim of uncontrollable sweat during the season, women are likely to experieince the icky, sticky moisture in less than desirable places — like their boobs. If you're looking for a way to cut back on that uncomfortable feeling, you may want to start looking into a few genius hacks to prevent boob sweat before the heat really turns up.

Since my boobs are small, I don't experience boob sweat as much as my friends with larger boobs. Aside from being uncomfortable, boob sweat makes my large chested friends self conscious about their sweat stains showing through their shirt. Additionally, a few have complained about the smell and rashes that come along with boob sweat, as well as their inability to wear tank tops, strapless tops, and anything form fitting during the summer. I'm super thankful that I don't have to experience boob sweat at all (or at a minimal level), and I feel for any woman who has to deal with it.

If you're looking to change things up and prevent those dreaded boob sweat moments, give these seven life-changing hacks a try.


Use Pantyliners

According to Cosmopolitan, adding panty liners to the cups of your bra can help prevent boob sweat. Just as they do when you're menstruating, the panty liners will soak up the moisture and keep you smelling fresh.


Find The Right Boob Deodorant

Fresh Breasts Lotion, $12, Amazon

If you've never given breast deodorant a try, this should be the summer you do it. Though there are a few on the market, Amazon users have rated the Fresh Breasts ($12) soothing cream as one of the top because it actually works.


Use Clear Deodorant

Shape noted that using clear deodorant can also help prevent boob sweat. It works just as it down for the underarms, and won't leave any white marks or be harsh on your skin.


Use Baby Powder

According to The Frisky, you can use baby powder to prevent boob sweat because it absorbs the moisture. Baby powder also smells good so it will be able to mask the odor that some women can experience.


Invest In Deodorant Wipes


Use Cornflour

The aforementioned Cosmopolitan article noted cornflour's absorbent powers make it good for preventing boob sweat. Be careful when applying though, as it it can be a little difficult.


Wear Loose Clothing

My sister prevents boob sweat by wearing loose fitting clothes. Over the years, she's told me that doing so helps her chest stay cool and stops stains from showing through if she does happen to sweat a bit.