Eric Liebowitz/Netflix
7 Netflix Series To Marathon During This Horribly Cold Weather

As the polar vortex rages on through the Midwest and the Northeast, officials are urging residents to stay inside. In fact, there's a wind chill advisory in multiple states. So if you've already gotten out of going into work — and more importantly, stocked up on food — you might be in search of some entertainment for this snowy weekend. Here are seven Netflix series to marathon while you avoid the cold.

In case you haven't been convinced to cancel your plans yet, here's a little more context on the storm. In the midwest, where temperatures have been below 0 degrees this week, eight deaths have been reported as a result of the cold, according to USA Today. Additionally, numerous people have suffered from frostbite and hypothermia. As the New York Times reported, the Illinois Department of Public Health said more than 30 people in Illinois had been admitted to hospitals earlier this week for the cold-related conditions. Basically, stay inside.

It's hard to know exactly what mood you'll be in during that fateful moment when you have the couch, the TV, and a cozy blanket all to yourself. So for that reason, here are seven very different show on Netflix to marathon watch during the cold weather, from sitcoms to reality shows to horror series.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The cheery Netflix original series is the perfect way to brighten up a snowy day. In fact, Netflix just released six new episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, rounding out the fourth and final season of the show. Get ready for hours and hours of unbreakable laughter.


Chill With Bob Ross

If you're looking for something a little less energetic, perhaps you'd like to spend your snow day Netflix and Chill[ing] With Bob Ross. The artist's painting show is the perfect way to relax. And even though there's only one season of Chill With Bob Ross on Netflix, there's another one-season show of his on Netflix, called Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere.



For something much less relaxing, check out You, a new Lifetime original series that is now on Netflix. The psychological thriller follows Joe (Penn Badgley) as he stalks a young woman named Guinevere. Maybe watch this one during the daytime.


Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Spend a little time on your day off learning about some of comedy's living legends, thanks to host Jerry Seinfeld's laid-back talk show. The show has five seasons (aka "collections"), featuring guests from Tina Fey to Lorne Michaels to Barack Obama (yes, Barack Obama). Basically, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is Carpool Karaoke without the singing.


Queer Eye

Netflix's 2018 revival of Queer Eye will make you feel things. The show, billed as "more than a makeover," has two eight-episode seasons on Netflix, and each episode is empowering, heartwarming, and tear-inducing. I just love it so dang much.


Parks and Recreation

It seems ridiculous that there are still people who haven't watched Parks and Recreation — but hey, at least all those people hold the power to change that fact. Spend your time away from the cold and with seven seasons full of Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. Netflix has plenty of other classic sitcoms available for streaming as well, including Friends, The Office, Arrested Development, and The Good Place (it's still airing on NBC but hey, I think it's already a classic).


The Great British Baking Show

In case the snacks you stocked up on for the cold weather aren't quite savory enough, allow your tastebuds to be tantalized by The Great British Baking Show. From cakes to pies to cupcakes, your mouth will be watering 10 minutes into the first episode.

Happy Netflix and chilling! (Though hopefully not literally chilling. Turn your heat on, people.)