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7 Spider-Man Halloween Costumes To Suit Every Kid's Unique Spidey Sensibilities

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When it comes to costume shopping for the kids, things can get confusing. Especially if their latest obsession has dozens of versions, leaving you to question — WTH is the difference? If you've got a little Spider-Man fan at home though, you may be wondering which costume to get, given there are approximately one million versions of the iconic suit. Not to fear though, here are 7 of the best Spider-Man costumes to suit every kids' individual style.

Spider-Man has had a lot of makeovers since he made his first appearance in the Amazing Fantasy comic back in 1962. Spidey even has his own Disney Junior show coming out, much to the delight of his youngest fans. But helping your little one pick their favorite look will be easy with this list of top Spider-Man costumes to guide you, featuring costumes from all the popular Spider-Man movies, from Spider-Man: Far From Home, to The Amazing Spider-Man and of course, Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3. Your kid can pick the suit from their most favorite Spider-Man movie or Netflix show — or simply the suit that looks the coolest. If your child loves the look but doesn't like to wear masks over their face or super tight clothing (we all have one of those), there are options for that, too.


The Symbiote Suit

Dad and kids can wear matching costumes with this one, since it's available in both adult and children's sizes. The high stretch material will make it easy to wear while running, jumping, and leaping just like Spider-Man.


The Classic

It doesn't get much more classic than this. This 100 percent polyester jumpsuit features an all-over printed design with a hook and loop closure on the back. Your little one will feel strong and powerful while wearing the padded chest and arms. But he'll really get into character once he puts on the foam covered mask, also included in your purchase.



If your Spider-Man fan would rather wear a dress, check out this adorable Spider-Girl costume featuring a super cute tutu with a blue glitter overskirt and printed metallic bodice. Even the character eye-mask is included so your little Spider-Girl will be ready to take the night.


Pullover Masks

Your little Spider-Man can really get into character with this full-body jump suit and pullover mask, which can be unzipped and pulled down for a little candy break.


The Non-Mask Wearer

For the kid who doesn't like to wear tight clothes or a mask over their face, here is a one-size satin cape that fits most kids. The felt mask is easy to slip on and off while the cape features a velcro closure for easy wear. They also make this in a pink and purple Spider-Girl version as well.


For The Whole Family

This suit is another option that's available in both kids and adult sizes so the whole family can match. This Spider-Man costume is 100 percent spandex and fits like a glove, just like the real Spider-Man wears it. This costume comes with both the body suit and mask, so no need to shop for anything else.


Gwen Stacy Version

If your kid can't get enough of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, then this Gwen Stacy costume may be just the one they're looking for, plus it's another great option for the girls. This costume fits snug and includes spider lenses attached to the detachable mask, along with an invisible u-shaped zipper that runs along the back of the suit.

Whichever costume you choose, your child will feel unstoppable this Halloween in these stylish Spider-Man costumes.

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