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Dress Your Whole Family Like The Avengers This Halloween With These 9 Costumes

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can quickly turn into a full on research project. Whether you're trying to find the ideal costume for that Halloween party, or you want to coordinate a group theme for trick-or-treating with the family, it's never too early to start planning. One theme that offers a variety of awesome costumes is, the Avengers. Even if you're not a Marvel fan (and if you're not, you're wrong), you need to check out nine of the best Avengers costumes for Halloween, because trust me, this theme is — goals.

The Avengers have some of the best superheroes in the fantasy world, with the costumes to back it up, making their characters the perfect Halloween costumes. So, whether you're just looking for yourself or you're bringing the whole family in on the fun, you'll make this Halloween one to remember with these awesome costumes. Plus, the photos that come from a night out will be ones to treasure always. I mean, if anything, do it for the 'gram. Halloween only comes around once a year so why not make the most of it? If you're shopping with your family in mind though, you know your kids will always remember the Halloween that dad dressed up as Captain America and mom instantly became the superhero that she is in her Black Widow costume. The costumes on this list are equal parts adorable and bada*s, so you're sure to steal Halloween with this epic superhero theme.



This Thor costume comes with a fiber-filled muscle chest top, making your little superhero feel powerful just by wearing it. This costume also comes with pants and a detachable cape, but you'll have to buy the hammer and hair separately.


Iron Man

If your little superhero enthusiast can't get enough Iron Man, check out this costume from Amazon. Why is it so cool? This costume actually comes with light-up dog tags and gloves so they can really get into character.


Doctor Strange

Why not have dad go as Doctor Strange in this awesome costume that comes complete with a blue tunic with an attached gold amulet, a long red cape with a stand-up collar, and a layered brown belt, fingerless gloves, and boot covers to complete the look.


Captain America

If you're looking to splurge on something a little more authentic, there's this epic Captain America costume for men that looks like it came straight out of the movie. You can even get it custom made with soft and flexible polyester, denim, and faux leather.


Mini Captain

Or, you can opt for this equally awesome (and cheaper) Captain America costume for your little superhero instead. This costume comes with a long sleeve printed jumpsuit, attached shoe-covers, and the iconic Captain America half-mask.


Black Widow

Another authentic option for any Avengers-enthusiast moms, this high quality Black Widow costume will really get you into character. This suit comes complete with the Black Widow jumpsuit, belt, holster sets, and two gloves. Complete your look with the iconic Black Widow wig, sold separately.


Baby Hulk

Why not make the biggest Avenger the smallest member of your family with this adorable baby Hulk costume? The pictures alone will make it totally worth it. This costume comes complete with a detailed padded jumpsuit and purple pants with a snap closure for quick changes. Socks are not included, but be sure to complete the look with the Hulk hat, which features attached dark hair and a print of furrowed eyebrows for a very angry green baby look.


Black Panther

The Avengers wouldn't be complete without Black Panther and this version of the Black Panther costume is by far the best one I could find on Amazon. It looks so authentic and comes complete with a padded fiber-filled muscle-chest jumpsuit with attached boot-tops and mask, which is all you need for this epic costume.



If one of the members of your crew is cool with being the villain, this Thanos costume will not disappoint. You can even get into battles while you're out trick-or-treating, making this year the most fun and memorable Halloween yet. The detailed padded jumpsuit will give him an instantly pumped-up look and features Thanos' iconic black and gold armor with purple accents. Finish the costume with its ornate chest armor, matching gloves, and a purple and gold Thanos mask.

Whether you're going as a crew of do-good Avengers or you're sprinkling in some villains too, getting the whole family in on the excitement is always a good idea.