9 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women (Because You're Already Growing A Human)

You've always loved dressing up for Halloween, but this year, you're expecting, and afraid that your baby bump might seriously limit your options for costumes. But you couldn't be more wrong. If you're usually trying to find creative ways to camouflage your belly, Halloween is the perfect time to throw that all out of the window. This time of year, you can make sure your bump is front and center and helps to make your costume special. If you're looking for a low maintenance costume that can accommodate you and your growing belly this Halloween, you need to check out these last-minute costumes for pregnant women.

As you move into the homestretch of your pregnancy, you've more than likely had your belly compared to a beach ball, a bun in the oven, or a pea in the pod. So why not find inspiration in some of these silly pregnancy metaphors to help you plan your Halloween costume this year?

I know, you're probably way too busy picking out nursery colors and assembling baby furniture to be concerned with planning your Halloween costume. Fortunately, you can put together many of the ideas on this list with little more than your favorite maternity t-shirt (and maybe a glue gun). And the little distraction might be a nice way to take your mind off of any of the annoying pregnancy pains you may be experiencing.

You may be short on time and energy right now, but you can still put together an awesome Halloween costume built for two.


Basketball Player

It may feel like you have a little soccer player in your belly, but this Halloween, you can turn your baby bump into a basketball. Take an oversized basketball jersey ($50, NBA Store) and cut out a belly-sized space to reveal a basketball tee ($30, Cafe Press). If you don't want to buy the basketball tee, you can use paint to draw the black lines of a basketball onto an orange tank.

And if you're feeling really creative, you can also draw the basketball right on your belly.


Disco Ball

You may not be able to see your toes, but that doesn't mean you still can't bring the party with your Halloween costume. Embellish a metallic sheath dress ($20, ASOS) with sequins or mirrored panels that you can find at your favorite craft store. Accessorize with gold drop earrings ($12, Aldo) and bangles ($40, Bloomingdales). And put the finishing touches on your face with this awesome disco-inspired makeup routine.


Magic 8 Ball


A magic 8-ball is a super easy last-minute costume idea for mamas-to-be. With a permanent marker, draw the number 8 on a white paper plate or a round piece of white fabric. Glue your white circle on to a simple black t-shirt ($15, Old Navy) near your belly. Wear your favorite and most comfortable pair of black pants ($35, Old Navy) on the bottom. Will you win the prize for most original costume? Outlook is good.


Sunny Side Up Egg

Who doesn't love to start their day with a good breakfast? This Halloween, you can turn your baby bump into a sunny side up egg. Start with a simple white tank ($10, Target). Paint a circle in the middle with yellow fabric paint and wear with a comfortable white pant ($60, A Pea in the Pod) on the bottom. And because you can't have eggs without bacon, you can accessorize with a pair of bacon earrings ($18, Nylon).


Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a classic children's character and a perfect Halloween costume for an expectant mom. Pair a red cropped tee ($16, Universal Textiles) with a mustard colored sheath dress ($47, Pink Blush) to transform into the adorable honey-loving bear. And if you want to go all in, you can try this Winnie the Pooh makeup tutorial.


Gum Ball Machine

Decorate a white t-shirt ($25, Motherhood Maternity) with colorful fuzzy pom-poms available at your favorite craft store. Wear red pants ($40, Motherhood Maternity) on the bottom, and finish with bubblegum-inspired earrings ($18, Amrita Singh) and necklace ($20, Amrita Singh). Get ready for people to start throwing quarters at you.


Kool-Aid Mom

If you need a creative way to incorporate your belly into your costume, look no further than that beloved childhood character who burst through walls and doors to save thirsty kids. Use a black fabric marker to draw a giant smiley face on a red top ($35, Old Navy). If you're planning to limit your kids' sugar intake, this might be the closest to Kool-Aid they'll ever get.


Troll Doll

You can't trick or treat in the buff, but all it takes is a solid tank dress ($23, Target) and a colorful wig ($17, Amazon), for you to turn yourself into an adorable troll doll.



Your baby bump is perfect for a snowman costume. Decorate a simple white t-shirt ($23, Pink Blush Maternity ) with black felt cut-outs for the eyes and buttons. And of course, no snowman is complete without a carrot nose.

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