Alamo Drafthouse's 'Frozen 2' Parties Will Bring You Straight To Arendelle

by Brianna Wiest

Frozen 2 is coming back to the big screen in a major way, thanks to Alamo Drafthouse. Though you could take your family to see the highly anticipated sequel at any old theater with popcorn and seats that recline, the cinema chain is offering something much cooler than that. (Pun intended.) To celebrate Disney's latest release, Alamo Drafthouse will be hosting Frozen 2 parties for families complete with snacks, activities, and an all around good time to be had by all.

As a debriefer, Alamo Drafthouse theaters were made to accommodate audiences with a wait staff to serve good and drinks (including alcohol) to moviegoers but before and during their film of choice. The cinema chain is basically the mecca for movie buffs of all ages. Now, in honor of Frozen 2 coming out on Nov. 22, they have decided to curate several in-theater events to help kids get their refreshing new fix of Anna, Elsa and everyone else from the film they adore.

The Drafthouse will be turning their facilities into a "full-blown winter wonderland," and that includes exclusive merchandise, viewing parties during for which there will be an all-you-can-eat buffet, and, for the adults, Frozen-themed alcoholic beverages that are, you guessed it, bright blue in color.

Families can visit the Drafthouse's website to purchase tickets in advance, and you might want to do that ASAP because it does seem as though tickets for the Frozen 2 events might sell out quick.

Here is everything the Drafthouse is offering for families and kids:

Snowman Cookie Decorating Kit

Now you can build a snowman... cookie. When you purchase tickets to any showing of Frozen 2 at a Drafthouse, you can also add on an exclusive snowman cookie decorating kit. Your sugar cookie and decorating tools will be brought right to your seat so you can do it while the movie plays.

Mondo Juice Glass and Sketchbook

If you're less of a dessert decorating type and more interested in some collectible cups or a sketch book to entertain you, both of these are on sale for a limited time if you purchase a ticket to the movie at an Alamo Drafthouse theater.

Family and Cereal Party Screenings

If you're really looking for a full-day, immersive experience, there is one Drafthouse's party specifically that would be the best bet for you.

With activities, games, and family fun photos before the movie, kids will get to build their own snowman, create magic wands and reindeer antlers, all before watching Frozen 2 on the big screen. Of course, costumes are encouraged.

In addition, the All-You-Can-Crunch Cereal Party includes a cereal buffet, milk of choice, and bowl and spoon. In this case, pajamas are encouraged.

Menu Specials

Last but certainly not least, if you thought that grown ups would be left out of all the fun, fret not. Drafthouse cinemas will also feature two special Frozen themed beverages to enjoy during the film. The first is called the Snow Queen Shake, which is made with vanilla ice cream, fresh orange, and a touch of "magic." Then the Blue Magic Frozen Margarita is a frozen blend of Exotico Tequila Blanco, Naranja Orange Liqueur, and fresh lime. Both can be made non-alcoholic for kids, too.

Whether you're looking to sip on a cool drink, share some cereal with your fam, wear your PJs to the movies with pride or treat your kids to a full-day Frozen experience, it seems the Alamo Drafthouse is truly leveling up for this premiere.