America Ferrera was in her second trimester when she attended the Oscars
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America Ferrera's Appearance At The Oscars Was Peak Second-Trimester Energy

After puking into trashcans for a couple of months, and before your hips catch fire and turn to dust, there's a magical sweet spot in pregnancy when most moms-to-be feel unstoppable. America Ferrera had peak second trimester energy at the Oscars, shining and cradling her bump like a Greek goddess of fertility strolling up Mount Olympus. This, she seemed to be telegraphing as she positioned two rings of power above and below her belly, this is the exact right time to be hauling a person around in your abdomen and also attending the Oscars.

In a crimson dress only slightly darker than the red carpet, she stole the show and seemed to be through the first trimester yuckiness just in time. Ferrera opened up about her difficult first few months of pregnancy last month, posting a photo to Instagram of herself at the gym pushing through the pain.

"[So] hard to workout through the nausea & exhaustion of my first trimester!!!" she wrote. "I would walk into the gym and nap for 10 minutes on the massage table before I started. Some weeks I’d only muster one workout or I’d miss the week entirely, but I refused to feel like I had failed."

Truly some "straight-to-DVD" vibes there.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

It seems like the worst of her pregnancy had passed just in time for a walk on the red carpet. Her dress, which she explained in an Instagram post played homage to her "warrior ancestors" of the indigenous Lenca tribe of Honduras, was the perfect outfit to showcase her exquisite pregnancy mood.

Ferrera attended the Oscars to bid farewell to the How to Train Your Dragon franchise that has been her home for the last 12 years, and will henceforth be filed away in the encyclopedia under "Second trimester CAN'T STOP ME energy," just before the entry for third trimester energy ("don't talk to me").