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Will Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Grace The 2019 Emmys Red Carpet?

The 2019 Emmy Awards are just around the corner — airing on Sunday Sept. 22, on Fox — and fans are hoping the night will bring lots of meme-able moments from one of Hollywood’s most adored couples. So, are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard going to the Emmys in 2019? Considering what’s on the line this year, it would be surprising if they don’t make an epic appearance on the red carpet.

Now, the couple does have good reason to skip the annual ceremony. Bell was snubbed in the acting categories for both of her hit shows, The Good Place and Veronica Mars. The Good Place did, however, receive an overall Best Comedy nomination. But the oversight of Bell as one of the comedic anchors on the popular series is a real mystery to many fans.

But spite really isn’t Bell’s style, so it’s much more likely that she and Shepard will show up to support The Good Place’s series nod, and Bell's good friend Ted Danson, who plays Michael in The Good Place and is nominated for Best Actor for the show. The two actors have been nearly inseparable as The Good Place has gone through its meteoric rise. In fact, according to TV Guide, the rest of the cast spoke about their repertoire at the Television Critics Association press tour earlier this year.

"I feel like Ted and Kristen set a tone," William Jackson Harper, who plays Chidi, said. "There's no better artist to lead your show, and I see what it is to just sort of live in this place of gratitude for the chances we've been given. There's no people on this planet that are as generous and professional and talented as these two."

It would be a real surprise if Bell didn’t show up to support her pal.

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But whether Shepard makes the journey with her is a little more up in the air. He hasn’t shown up at the awards show in several years, though he and Bell did make a grand entrance at the 2019 Golden Globes, busting out prom poses for photographers.

At the 2016 Emmys, Bell spoke a little about Shepard's absence, giving some insight into their life and why her husband sat out this event. At that year’s Emmy’s, she told Entertainment Tonight that he stayed home that night to take care of their children: "He doesn't like dressing up, so he's much more comfortable in his cut-off jeans and his tank top at home with the kids.”

Shepard recently starred in several hit series of his own, including when he was on the cast of Parenthood, which went off the air in 2015. Since then, he’s appeared as a regular on The Ranch, Bless This Mess, and a recurring character on Robot Chicken, according to IMDb. But what’s he’s perhaps most popularly known for these days is his rambling-yet-hilarious podcast Armchair Expert.

Earlier this year, Shepard took TODAY behind the scenes of the podcast where he discussed his inspiration for the show, sharing: "In my opinion the number one issue were all kind of battling is shame, and not feeling enough and not feeling adequate... And I think it’s compounded in an age where a lot of our life is curated on social media. So this is kind of, in my tiny way, an antidote to that."

But the 2019 Emmys will be all about Bell and whether her The Good Place gets the recognition it deserves.