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25 Baby Names That Start With O, Because You Want Baby's Name To Be Outstanding

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Finding just the right name for your new baby can be really difficult. Everyone has an opinion, but the only ones that really matter are yours and your partner's. Still, coming to a consensus and deciding on something that you both truly love can be a time-consuming venture. And if you have other kids, you might want to find a name that you think goes well with the others you've already chosen. If you're looking for a name that begins with a certain letter, that helps narrow things down a little, so these baby names that start with O might be names you're interested in exploring.

Names that begin with the letter O are also often a bit more unique than other kinds of names. Sure, there are a number of names that start with O that regularly top the lists of most popular baby names, but, overwhelmingly, names that begin with the letter O are a little less common. So if a name that's a little bit more unique is important to you, one that begins with the letter O might be the perfect fit for your newest little bundle. There are a number of different things that can influence a couple's baby name selection, but if you're looking for something that begins with the letter O, these names are names you should consider.



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A perennial favorite, this sweet name regularly appears near the top of the list of most popular baby names for girls. Olivia is a Latin name meaning "olive tree," as The Bump noted, and is the name of an heiress in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It's also just gorgeous in every way.



Oscar is an adorable name with Norse, Irish, Scandinavian, and English roots. Babble noted that this name means "God's spear" in English and "deer friend" in Irish traditions. (In the tradition of Sesame Street, of course, the name Oscar has long been associated with a very different sort of meaning: grump.)



Owen is another name that enjoys some popularity among parents. Nameberry noted that Owen is a Welsh name meaning "young warrior" and "well-born." Famous Owens include actor Owen Wilson and hockey player Owen Tippett.



This lyrical, literary name might be a great fit for your little one. Babble noted that Ophelia is the name of Hamlet's doomed love in Shakespeare's Hamlet, and that it's a Greek name meaning "help" (Ophelia certainly needed help in Hamlet, that's for sure.



Otto is a cute little name that works well if you're looking for something a bit unique. Parents noted that Otto is a German and Teutonic name meaning "rich." (It's also the name of a super cute dog character from children's book author and illustrator Todd Parr's series of stories and cartoons.)



Omar is an Arabic name that means "flourishing," as Baby Center noted. If you want the name you give your baby to capture the wishes you have for them as they grow older, Omar is a pretty great choice. Famous Omars include the actor and screenwriter Omar Sharif and actor and music producer Omar Epps.



Oliver is the male form of Olivia. The Bump noted that many believe that it, like Olivia, comes from the Latin word for "olive tree," but others think that its roots lie in the French name Olivier, which would be another great choice for your new addition. Wherever it came from, you won't regret making this name part of your family forever.



Oakley is a more unique name for any baby. This name is an English name that means "from the oak tree meadow," Babble noted. And sure, your first thought might be "Annie Oakley" (the renowned markswoman who performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show), but she was a pretty fierce feminist role model for the back in the day, so go with it.



Your little one is your prized jewel, so naming her after an actual rare stone might be a pretty good idea. This name is Sanskrit and, perhaps unsurprisingly, means "gem," as Nameberry noted. Known as one of the most spectacular of all the gemstones, according to Geology, an opal is also a pretty special gem to be named after.



Octavio is a Latin name meaning "the eighth," Baby Center noted. It's not quite as popular in 2018 as it was in 2017, but that might make it an even better fit for your little one in your eyes. It's also the most popular of the "number names" used by Hispanic parents, according to Nameberry.



If you're looking for something cute and a little bit different for your little boy, Ozzy (which is a nickname of Oswald, Osborn, and Osmond, as Nameberry noted) could be the right choice. Especially if you or your partner is a fan of heavy metal music, or just reality TV. "Sharon!"



Completely adorable and a bit more unique than the ever-popular Olivia or Oliver, Olive also means, unsurprisingly, "olive tree," as Parents noted. But don't let that deter you: Design-minded parents could even take this meaning as a challenge and fashion an entire nursery devoted to the olive tree (or olive branch) theme.



Like Octavio, Octavia is a Latin name meaning "the eighth," as Baby Center noted. Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer may have inspired you to consider this sweet name for your own baby girl. (Julius Caesar also had a niece named Octavia, apparently, but you're not in danger of overuse with this one.)



Similar to Otto, Otis is a German name meaning "wealthy," as Nameberry noted. It too is a bit more unique than some of the other choices for your little boy, but is still a very cute option. Especially if it brings to mind visions of the very cute dog/cat buddy film, The Adventures Of Milo & Otis.



Olga might be a different name than what you would have thought you'd choose, but this name is well-suited for a little one with tons of personality. It's a Russian and German name meaning "holy," as Parents noted. It's also got a strong, hearty sort of vibe to it: Nothing is going to bring Olga down!



This adorable name is just as fitting for a baby as it is for a fully-grown adult, which isn't always the case when it comes to names. Nameberry noted that Omarion is a variation of Omari, which is a Swahili version of Omar, all of which would be great choices for your new baby.



If meaning is exceptionally important to you when choosing a baby name, Oswald might be the dark horse on your list for little boys. It's a unique choice, but this English name means "God of the forest," as Baby Center noted, which might be a good fit for a family that loves to spend time outdoors.



This beautiful name has roots in Russian and Hebrew and means "praise God," as The Bump noted. It's a wonderful choice for a little girl who's just as sweet as her name.



This pretty name is French and German and is the name of one of the main characters in the famous ballet, Swan Lake, as Babble noted. It's a graceful and elegant choice for your sweet baby girl.



This lovely name is a Native American name meaning "expected one," according to Babble. It might be just the right choice for the baby for which you've been waiting.



If floral-inspired names are more your thing, Oleander could be a good choice for you. As Parents noted, the plant itself appears sweet, but is actually poisonous. If you'd like your child to be both sweet and strong (but, you know, not actually poisonous), this might be the unique name for which you've been looking.



This sweet name might remind you of the dog in the Garfield cartoons, but it could be an adorable name for your new little guy. Of German origin, this diminutive of Odell means "of the valley, wealthy," according to Nameberry.



Some people might assume you've named your baby after the snowman in Frozen, but if you're looking for something that invokes family and ancestry, this could be the perfect name for your little one. As The Bump noted, Olaf is a Norse name meaning "ancestor's relic."



Odin is the head god in Norse mythology, as Baby Center noted. This unique Scandinavian name just might be the very best choice for your little strong warrior.

"Odin came to be used as a Norwegian male given name beginning in the nineteenth century, originally in the context of a romantic Viking revival," explained Nameberry. "In the 2001 novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, the character called Wednesday is an incarnation of the god Odin."



If you're looking for a strong, but somewhat elegant name, Odessa might be just the ticket. Babble noted that this Greek and Latin name, which is the feminine form of Odysseus, means "wrathful." If you're hoping you have a little adventurer on your hands, Odessa is an excellent choice.

Choosing a baby name can be a daunting process, but narrowing it down to just one letter gives you plenty of fantastic options from which to choose while making your list a little bit smaller and more manageable. Whether O names are your thing or you're just looking for something that may not be as commonly-used, you just might find the perfect fit among these outstanding baby names.

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