Psst! Your Kiddos Can Call Grover & Oscar The Grouch To Hear Some Important Messages

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Parents, if you need a little extra help explaining the importance of social distancing to your little ones and could use some back up, there's a number you can call and Sesame Street characters can help. Yup, Grover and Oscar the Grouch recently teamed up with KPCC, Los Angeles' NPR radio station, to create PSA recordings reminding kids — heck, adults too — that they need to stay home.

Everyone's favorite green, grumpy, trash-can-dwelling monster reminds callers to stay home and keep your distance from others. "Oscar the Grouch here to tell you to stay home," he begins. "I know, I know. You wish you could go out. You know what I like to do, though? Stay home. Yeah, alone. I don't care if you're alone or safe at home with someone else. As long as you're not near me. Oh yeah. Have a rotten day."

Meanwhile, Grover speaks on the importance of self-care while social distancing at home. "Hello everybody! It is I, your adorable and cute pal Grover, coming to you from Sesame Street — where I am safe at home, practicing self-care. And I do not mind sharing my tips with you," the ever-chipper blue Muppet begins. "Number one: Get some healthy exercise, like sit-ups. And after sit-ups, you've earned a nice sit-down — maybe with a good book ... Do not forget: It is very important to take good care of yourself, both inside and out. You are welcome!"

Adorable, right? To hear these recordings yourself, all you have to do is call 626-831-9333.

KPCC told Scary Mommy that the station thought the PSAs "would serve parents who need something to help them explain the importance behind social distancing to their children" and they've been a hit so far. "We received over 600 calls in the first 24 hour," KPCC told Scary Mommy.

So if you're tired of explaining for the 327th time to your child why you can't play at the playground or see friends, why you can't eat at your family's favorite restaurant, or why you can't visit grandma right now, at least parents now have Grover and Oscar the Grouch to back them up. Thanks, Sesame Street!

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