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Cardi B’s Tweet About Pregnancy Sex Is Logistically On Point

Cardi B is the gift that keeps on giving where it concerns relatable quotes about pregnancy. From Cardi B's hilarious admission in June that she "can't see her vagina anymore" to the video she made about her pregnancy boobs, girl is relatable is as it gets. But just when you thought Cardi B's pregnancy quotes couldn't get any more real, she took to Twitter on Sunday to deliver an incredibly honest message about getting it on while nine months pregnant. And as one might expect, parents are loving Cardi B's hysterical tweet about pregnancy sex. Not only is the quote all too real, but it's refreshing to see a celeb share such an intimate (no pun intended) piece of info with fans.

Ever since Cardi B announced her pregnancy in April via a performance on Saturday Night Live, she has gifted fans with relatable tidbits about her pregnancy. And as Cardi B's due date draws near (she could give birth to her daughter any day now), her pregnancy quotes have become especially candid. Want proof? Look no further than Cardi B's honest take on pregnancy sex with her husband, Offset. "I wanna have sex but i loose my breath Soo fast," Cardi B tweeted on Sunday.

Yes, girl. Way to sum up the struggle of third-trimester pregnancy sex in one tweet.

There's a good chance fans of Cardi B probably won't be surprised by the positive attention her tweet is receiving. People *love* this level of realness.

"Cardi B is a different kind of celebrity," one person penned, according to Twitter. "A celebrity that’s not afraid to say the things “normal” people think of on a day to day basis. She doesn’t confirm to criteria a celebrity should follow. She’s a non-conformist. I think it’s really dope."

Another person chimed in: "HAHAHAHA homegirl is so relatable."

And one person who totally gets it simply said: "The struggle."

But the best part about Cardi B's admission might be the advice she's getting.

"Just have sex with a breathing machine mask on," a fan joked, to which Cardi B replied: "You’re on too something."

"Just go slow.. get it from the side," someone else advised. And then it got, well, a bit too vivid.

"Doggie style. You can take a break on your elbows," another fan chimed in. "Make him do the work. Carrying that baby al this time is you doing your work. Get it, Girl!!"

It's unlikely, however, that Cardi B will try out any of her fans' tips. The "I Like It" singer later told a supporter on Sunday that the baby is "too big," for any sexual activity.

Of course, Cardi B's desire to take it easy is completely understandable. Many parents struggle to breathe during their pregnancy, a phenomenon that's caused by a few factors. For starters, as a person's "enlarging uterus takes up more space," it results in "pressure" against the muscle below your lungs, according to Kid's Health. Additionally, high levels of the hormone progesterone can cause expecting parents to breathe more deeply and faster, which can lead to breathing difficulties, according to Harvard Health. In short, it's no wonder why Cardi B is struggling to make it work in the bedroom right now.

The upside to all of this? Cardi B is about to complete the final lap of her pregnancy, and she won't have too wait much longer before she can get it on with Offset once again. And if history is any indicator, there's a good chance Cardi B will let fans know when this magical moment happens. Cardi B has no filter, after all, and this is exactly why she's so beloved by fans.