Don't Miss This Exclusive Clip From 'Captain Underpants'

The first season of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants premieres on Netflix on July 13, an all new adaptation of Dav Pilkey's popular book series. The series follows fourth grade prank enthusiasts George and Harold, who are usually busy drawing comics when they're not causing mischief. Whether you're an old fan or intrigued newbie, then you should check out this exclusive clip of Captain Underpants, because it'll give you a taste of what the show will be like. It might be the perfect thing to enjoy with your family this summer.

When Harold and George aren't indulging in their love for comics, then they can usually be found making trouble for their teachers. That applies especially to their not-so-nice principal Mr. Krupp. But the distaste is mutual, as the exclusive clip makes clear: the boys don't like Mr. Krupp as much as he doesn't like them, and no one bothers to pretend otherwise. Much more hidden is the fact that Mr. Krupp has been hypnotized by Harold and George to become the titular superhero Captain Underpants.

But none of that factors into this clip specifically, so you don't have to worry about backstory until it's time for the show's very first episode. Right now, just sit back and enjoy a minute of amusement.

The clip is narrated by Sean Astin (most recently known as the latest unfair character death on Stranger Things), who sets the scene. He introduces Ms. You, the new French teacher. She glides into the scene on her bicycle, signaling her love for her subject by sporting a beret and packing her basket full of baguettes. She even distributes berets and baguettes to every member of the class (except Harold, who rocks a curly mustache instead) because, as the voiceover explains, she is all about staying on theme.

She's decorated her room in French flags and Eiffel Towers, with yet more baguettes lovingly sketched on the blackboard and plopped next to her desk like the best potted plant ever invented (if there was a plant that grew bread, I would suddenly become a lot more interested in gardening). Ms. You couldn't make it all the way to Paris herself, but French-speaking Canada was her second best bet. She's there to devote herself to teaching the language to her students, whom she instructs to speak in French — and only French — while inside her classroom.

George and Harold are eager to get their hands on some T.P. from the bathroom since they have apparently been banned from their traditional source, but they're unable to ask for a pass in French so they have to stay put. (A homophonous "oui oui" bathroom joke results in an apologetic croissant intertitle.) Before they can come up with a Plan B, a sweat-dripping Mr. Krupp waddles into the room in the skinniest of skinny jeans, some kind of bibbed vest, and a leather jacket. He perches on Ms. You's desk to see how she's settling in, but the boys are there to foil his flirtations.

George and Harold poke fun at Mr. Krupp's attempts to be fashionable, so he sends them over to the window to stare at the dumpster they'll be living in when they fail French class (way harsh, Mr. Krupp). Like any child looking for a way out of their schoolwork, they are only too happy to do so. Mr. Krupp then invites Ms. You to a mandatory new teacher orientation, quite clearly with designs on impressing her outside of the classroom.

What happens after that? Well, you'll have to wait until July 13 to find out. Perhaps Ms. You will sue Mr. Krupp. Perhaps he will learn not to put the moves on women who work for him. Most definitely he will be transformed into an underwear-clad superhero. But you won't know for sure until you tune in, so mark this show's premiere down on your calendar.