Chip Gaines Is Still Wearing His Hospital Bracelet From Crew's Birth For *This* Reason

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for their unique approach to renovating homes and their eye for style with their former HGTV show, Fixer Upper. Although the show might have gone off air this past spring, the Gaines' are still proving that their unique and sweet approach to things carries far beyond their houses — it's how they approach parenting, too. After welcoming their fifth child into the world last month, everything that the couple has revealed about their son and family life is so sweet. So it shouldn't really come as a surprise that one of Chip and Joanna Gaines' birthing tradition is super unique but is also something that other new parents can try for themselves.

Since Joanna gave birth to their third son and fifth child, Crew Gaines, on June 23, according to Us Weekly, fans have been wanting to see more of their newest addition to the Gaines family. Joanna not only did that on Thursday, in her newest Instagram post, but she also revealed a sweet tradition that her husband likes to do each time that she has given birth over the past 13 years, according to People. She wrote in the caption of the Instagram photo, that Chip continues to wear his hospital bracelet long after Joanna and the new baby are discharged.

"Chip started a tradition with Drake where he wore the hospital bracelet until it fell of...," Joanna wrote in the photo's caption. "Looks like the tradition lives on. #5" Awwwww.

In the photo, Crew can be seen with his gorgeous full head of hair and the most peaceful expression on his face. But, if fans peel their eyes away from the newborn for just a few seconds, then they'll see Chip's hospital bracelet around his wrist, just like Joanna talked about. The barcode and words on the bracelet are faded and illegible, showing signs of some wear. And although the bracelet looks worn in, it shows no signs of falling off just yet.

Although some people might want to rip off their hospital bracelet as soon as they're discharged, Chip's tradition is something for new parents to consider. Not only is it a super sweet reminder of the major event that took place in the hospital (ahem, welcoming their child into the world) but it's just another way for Chip to carry a piece of his son around with him wherever he goes, even when his son isn't with him.

Fans seem to think that this sounds like a great idea, taking to the comments of the Instagram post to share their thoughts about the tradition. "Omg how sweet!!," someone commented. "That is such a great idea," another person added.

Who knows? Now that Joanna shared this tradition, maybe other new fathers will follow suit. It wouldn't be the first time that Chip and Joanna have set trends. After the couple started putting shiplap in almost every single one of their home renovations on Fixer Upper, so many other people at home decided to follow suit, according to CheatSheet. You can'y deny that those two are such trendsetters.

Everything that Joanna has posted about her son since giving birth to him last month has been so appreciated by fans on Instagram. Case in point — the photo of Crew (and his nursery) which she posted about on Instagram one week ago. Instead of overloading the room with pastel colors and stuffed animals, Joanna took a more understated approach, according to Country Living, opting for gorgeous neutral pieces in her son's room, which fans could not stop talking about in the photo's comments. "You're an amazing designer," one person perfectly stated.

If Joanna's Instagram featuring Crew's nursery didn't inspire fans, Chip's post-birthing tradition might do the trick. It's a simple and sweet way to hold on to one very special day that they will remember for a lifetime.