Chrissy Teigen's son Miles was excited to vote for the first time.
Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen's Son Excitedly Saying "I Voted!" Is All Of Us In The 2020 Election

If we are voting for the cutest, most earnest little voter out there, I think we have a winner. Chrissy Teigen's video of her son Miles voting is the perfect remedy for the election waiting blues, reminding us all how it felt to cast our ballots and make our voices heard for the very first time. Yes, Miles is only 2 years old and his vote doesn't count, but no one tell him that OK?

Teigen has been keeping her social media followers distracted and entertained as the country waits for results from the presidential election, and her latest installment stars her sweet toddler Miles. It seems Miles wanted to get in on the action by casting his ballot, so a child's version of a bright yellow ballot box was provided for him. It should be noted that Miles voted in-person, so not even President Trump himself could complain about his ballot because we all know how he feels about mail-in voting.

After watching little Miles call out in a delighted voice "I voted!" after dropping his ballot in the box, I think we can tell how he feels about in-person voting, too. Pretty darn great. He even had a little pal on hand to ensure there was no voter fraud going on at the polls.

Miles' enthusiasm for voting inspired several social media users, with one saying the video reminded them of their own childhood, "Chrissy, you are such a good mom! This is a real thing. My mom took me voting with her when I was a kid. I have NEVER missed an election in my lifetime, including a couple days ago when illness, exhaustion, homelessness, car trouble, & anxiety made it really hard. But I VOTED."

Another social media user facetiously worried about the possible Trump blowback, "Soooo Trump is going to cry about this being voter fraud..."

Teigen and her musician husband John Legend seem to have passed their political activism on to their kids. Legend performed at a Biden rally and both have been very vocal in their criticism of President Trump, who in turn has publicly insulted them for their efforts, as noted by The New York Times. Perhaps their kids are picking up on it, like little Miles getting excited about his vote.

Then again, perhaps not. Teigen's 4-year-old daughter Luna didn't appear quite as switched on to the pulse of the nation in a recent video. She was pretending to be a news anchor alongside her mom, but when she was asked what was happening in the news, she responded, "Nothing!" When Teigen asked her what they should talk about, she shrugged and said, "Nothing!"

If only we could all see the world through the eyes of Luna and Miles. Excited to vote while assuming there really is nothing going on.