Carlin Bates' Hubby Evan Stewart Is Training For A Very Skilled Career

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Carlin (Bates) Stewart, who stars on Bringing Up Bates, recently announced her pregnancy just a few weeks ago and fans are excited for all the baby news yet to come. But you may also be curious about the expectant mom's other half, her hubby Evan Stewart. For example, besides preparing for fatherhood and appearing on Bringing Up Bates, does Evan Stewart work? As it turns out, the 22-year-old is training for a very skilled career.

Evan is said to be studying to be an electrician, a career that can provide a nice living. "At 22 years old, Evan is currently living north of Nashville and going to school to be an electrician," the Bates Family Blog shared in March 2018.

If he’s stuck to his career goals, he could very well be working as an apprentice right about now. According to Trade-Schools.net, there are four steps to becoming an electrician. First is to earn a high school diploma or GED. Next would be to complete an electrician training program at a trade, technical or vocational school, then complete a four to five-year apprenticeship. Finally, the individual must earn their electrician license which can involve passing a test. The entire process can take five to six years.

Glassdoor lists electrician apprentice salaries in Nashville around $35,000. With that said, if Evan is the only one working, then finances could be a little tight for the couple. But with time and experience, he could be earning closer to $65,000 when he completes his training in a few years.

Carlin confirmed that that’s exactly what Evan has been up to in an interview in with Knox News in advance of their wedding. When asked if the couple was thinking of moving to Nashville, she responded: "Evan is currently working as an electrician apprentice, which requires his commitment in Nashville. He is also very involved in his church and in his family’s singing ministry, which revolve around the Nashville area. I’m super excited about starting a home with him there, but I am also glad it’s still in Tennessee and very close to my family."

She’s probably even happier to still be close to family now that the couple have announced their pregnancy news. Earlier this month, Carlin and Evan told Romper, "We are beyond thrilled to be expecting our first child. Spending every day with your best friend and building a life together has already exceeded our happiest dreams." The mom-to-be also posted an announcement photo of themselves holding a sonogram on Instagram.

"I feel so grateful and in awe of the miracle of a tiny life growing inside of me! I can’t imagine that my life could be any more blessed!" she captioned the photo.

Carlin also told Romper that her own pregnancy has put her in absolute awe of her mother, Kelly Jo Bates, who has 19 children of her own. “Even this I’m very early into my pregnancy I already look at my mom and wonder, ‘How did you do this 19 times?’” Ditto, girl.

For now, though, she just has to do it this one time, and fans are hoping she shares every step of the journey. As for Evan, it seems like he’ll be hard at work learning his new trade and setting himself up to provide well for his little family.

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