How To Get Target's Line For Kids With Disabilities Online

If you've heard nothing but great things about Target's new Cat & Jack line, you're not alone — parents have been raving about the new kid's clothing line for a while now. Earlier this year, Cat & Jack expanded to include sensory-friendly pieces, and then, just last week, it introduced several pieces made specially for kids and toddlers living with disabilities. Wondering how to get your hands on Cat & Jack's newest offerings ASAP? Here's how to get Target's line for kids with disabilities online, so you don't even have to make the trip to to the store.

Fortunately, it's easy to find exactly what you need online. Target has an entire page dedicated solely to Cat & Jack's adaptive clothing range, where you can either scroll through the items at your leisure or use filters to find exactly what you need. On the left-hand side of the page, you'll find filters that let you select size grouping (toddlers or kids' sizes), as well as clothing size, gender (boy, girl, or neutral), and features (which include clothes with hidden openings for abdominal access, as well as wheelchair-friendly pieces). You can also select what kind of clothes you're looking for (whether T-shirts, bodysuits, jackets, or something else) and even filter your results so you only see clothes that have been highly rated by other shoppers.

There are 40 pieces in Cat & Jack's new collection, which was made after parents specifically requested it. "We heard from our guests—and members of our own team—that there’s a need for adaptive clothing for kids that is both fashionable and affordable, so we set out to create exactly that," Julie Guggemos, the senior vice president of Product Design & Development at Target, said in a statement. She continued:

Since launching sensory-friendly apparel and receiving such positive guest feedback, we’re focused on continuing to evolve and expand Cat & Jack to meet the needs of even more of our guests.

The new line launched last week, and everything in the collection ranges from $4.50 to $39.99, making it easy and affordable to buy clothing that can sometimes be expensive and difficult to get one's hand on. As one mom, Mindy Scheier, told Today about the lines of adaptive clothing that existed for kids with disabilities in 2014:

It [wasn't] anywhere close to what their typical age group was wearing. It wasn't current, it wasn't mainstream, and, to be honest, it wasn't even quite affordable. It was actually quite expensive.

So it's not surprising that Target's new line — which meshes features like zip-off sleeves and hidden openings for gastric tubes with age-appropriate, trendy clothing — has been a success. So far, parents have been giving Target nothing but applause for the new adaptive clothing line:

The adaptive clothes that are now part of the Cat & Jack line look just like the rest of the collection, which is great news for any kids who might usually feel different in their adaptive clothing. As Scheier told Today about her son, who needed adaptive clothing that fit his leg braces, "He desperately wanted to wear what the other kids were wearing."

She continued:

If I find something that works for him, I’ll buy it in every color. That’s not going to change ... I will forever be a loyal and brand-specific consumer for any brand that pays attention.

To buy clothing from the growing Cat & Jack line, simply head to Target stores or shop online on the Target website. With express shipping, you can have a box full of adorable new clothes on your doorstep within just a handful of days.